Trump Keeps Saying He’s Never Heard Of A Category Five Hurricane. And Other Nutty Stuff. Is He Really That Stupid?

It’s quite terrifying to have a president say that. Irma, Maria, Michael and now Dorian were cat 5 storms threatening the United States. Dorian is now a cat 4, but before next landfall could regain power.

Twitter isn’t the best strategy or method for Trump to communicate with the American people because my God, he’s a dumbass, and says things his own staff can’t help but read and throw their arms up in total despair.

This is all a bunch of shit, of course, because he doesn’t matter. The people whose lives are in harm’s way are what matters. Oh. Wait. He repeatedly said Alabama was in the path of Dorian. It isn’t, but he tweeted it again after the NWS corrected him.

I’m sorry, but he’s a twat. I’m thinking tertiary syphilis. Yeah. I think that could be.