The Mob

I’ve written a bit on the Mafia before. The stories I’ve been told by more than one person who was either in or was harmed by the Five Families never end well. I know of some who made it out and lived to ripe old age, but they usually broke the omerta, the Sicilian codes of silence. They talked and became members of a different group: families in the government witness protection program. A bunch got murdered, and I feel that weight at times; thewy murdered, ordered hits, then got hit. But it is men like this who become extraordinary. He walked away for the woman of his dreams. Every day he had to look over his shoulder. For that one guy with a hand in the pocket of his overcoat, walking with his head down.

He managed his escape. He became a devout Christian, and the video in this link (above) is awe inspiring; his message that we have the chance to resist, fight and win.