Five Tornadoes Hit Maryland In February

Five tornadoes (confirmed) hit Maryland in a line of storms totally uncharacteristic of February weather.

While this month has been known for heavy snowstorms near Valentine’s Day, the weather is mild and often wet. Where I live we’ve only just seen an inch of snow, and with temperatures during the day ranging wildly from the upper 30s to over 60, I don’t expect any snow. The projected temperatures for the next ten days are going to be much the same.

In January I saw a magnolia grow flower buds. They didn’t bloom, but it takes several days of really mild weather to do that. I’ve seen it before, premature budding, but never that soon. In fact, one day the grounds crews brined the parking lot for no reason. Nothing happened, yet the complex was billed.

Meanwhile, this article adds more proof of oceanic temperature rise owing to greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. See more proof here, but look, another chunk of glacier just broke off, and as the articles linked here point out, there’s more to come. I’ve said, and I hold to it, the tipping point has already been reached. Temperatures only rise from here. More freaky and out of season weather is coming. By ordering the repeal of environmental regulations, Trump has put the time ahead by years, time when we will see massive cataclysms and many will die. The tornadoes in Maryland may have been EF-One, but soon, in an area that rarely saw such weather, there will be more and they will be much stronger. There’s no way to stop it. It really, in the end, isn’t freak weather at all. It’s just the new normal.

Life is changing. Even as I predicted it, vintners were already planting and moving vines to the north of France. It’s happening as I knew it would. The best chance we have is to kick out the jackass in the White House. It’s our only hope.

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