John Oliver Tried To Warn You Four Years Ago. Are You Ready To Listen Now?

John Stewart. Stephen Colbert. Jimmy Fallon. Johnathan Pie. These are but a few of the men who, four years ago, led the way in warning people that Donald Trump was not a good choice for the presidency. What happened? They got hate mail. I don’t think there was a lot because people would prefer to post nasty comments and call them names on Facebook and Twitter, and most of them live in trailer parks and haven’t been able to afford stamps since 1997, and if you say the word “stamps” their mouths water because they think it’s the first of the month and they can afford to get some pretzels to go with their Pabst.

All the same, what the men I’ve mentioned above all have in common is that they’re comedians. How sad is that? They told the truth and we laughed, while Trump lied his ass off, and look who’s laughing now.

Not people in trailer parks. And look, I don’t want to denigrate everyone who lives in a “mobile” home, which is only mobile if you can pay a trucker and a crew more than the cost of the trailer to move the fucking thing. To be honest, I know for a fact that some people in trailer parks are actually financially stable. One guy used to have a Jaguar parked by his trailer. I never saw it move, so there’s actually no way to offer you proof that it even had an engine, or at least a working one, but sure as hell, he had a Jag.

But it’s ironic that comedians did research into the Republican candidates, while the typical republican didn’t, and even when Trump made the hosts of Fox and Friends lower their heads in abject frustration and possibly even to hide a sneer, the basic Fox News viewer thought that Donald Trump was a billionaire genius playboy philanthropist. I didn’t know much about the fucker myself until late 2015, never really cared about him and I avoid bullshit “reality” shows like I wish I could avoid this flu I’ve been relapsing on since Christmas.

When a friend of mine from high school began to feel like I was worthy of his company, I found out a few things. First, he was a Fox News 24-7 viewer, less the time he spent at work. He had a library of DVDs like a Blockbuster, most of them still unopened. That’s what Fox News does. It keeps you dark, obsessed with “conspiring liberals” and at that time, was engaged in a smear campaign against Hillary Clinton.

We had lunches together. I felt like he was the brother he had been to me back in the 70s. He helped me a lot by giving me things for the house. I felt indebted to him. I appreciated his company and his unfailing generosity.

My friend was also married to a Russian woman, who I liked just fine. He worked as head of security for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and early on, he was a Trump supporter. See any red flags yet? I didn’t.

I began to feel like I owed him enough to listen to his rhetorical republican bullshit. He usually avoided politics with me, but being Facebook friends, I saw his posts and they were as anti-Obama as anyone I knew.

Yet I felt so in his debt that I never unfollowed him. His lunches, his bringing cases of Perrier and K-cups saved me money at a time when I constantly ran out of coffee, no matter how cheap the brand I got. So for a time, I slid toward the dark side. I listened when he occasionally did talk politics. He felt that Trump was a successful businessman. I didn’t know enough to disagree, but I’d heard years earlier about his Atlantic City fiasco and I ignored it, didn’t bother looking for anything serious about the guy. I saw Trump as pulling a publicity stunt, nothing more. Then, in late 2015, in the Fall, as the leaves changed, I lost friends on Facebook because my posts had turned frightening.

Let me back up a few decades before I go any further because this is a critical point I need to make, and this was a critical time in my life.

I grew up in a large family. With so many siblings, no two of us particularly liked each other. As I got older, I saw why. Oh, we could play games together or watch TV together. But danger lurked in everything we did, said or didn’t do or say. That’s because our parents were the most evil people I’ve ever known. Without going into the sexual abuse, which was a horror unto itself and fucked us up pretty bad, there were belt whippings that you probably won’t believe. I swear people don’t believe that even if it goes to court, or is all over the news, that child abuse is real or if it is, is somehow a parent’s right, that kids belong to their parents who can raise them however they want to.

The records show that the crimes were all sexual in nature: Rape, Statutory Rape, Sexual Child Abuse, Incest, and Unnatural And Perverted Practices. Eighteen counts each.

But the facts are on record with the State of Maryland, that in 1990, in the Circuit Court of Anne Arundel County, my parents were found guilty by a jury which deliberated 40 minutes.

What the records will not show is that five Smith children told the Assistant State’s Attorney that, as far back as the 1960s, there were brutal, bestial beatings that amounted to being flogged with a belt. When I was old enough, I got the buckle end. When I was judged too old for that, fists, being thrown downstairs, knocked unconscious.

It was effective to the point where, to avoid a beating themselves, others would “tell” on a sibling. Didn’t matter if it was a lie; it usually worked. And the result of all of this was PTSD, and the openness to being brainwashed because we had already been for most of our lives. The pattern of absolute control that kept us silent until our initial reports to Anne Arundel County Police in late 1988 had made each of us dysfunctional in various ways. Me? Too pliable, too much the follower.

Two things happened to pull me back from the dark side: the first was that I remembered my friend telling me he’d traveled to Russia several times, and his wife one day telling me that it was critical that Donald Trump got elected. The words hit me like a brick to the face. She was dead-eyed serious. The second thing was early in December, 2015. He posted a comment on Facebook to a friend. The comment he responded to I don’t recall, but it was a conspiracy theory about Obama and he wrote, “I’m prepared to do something about it. I’ll tell you when I see you. No calls, no texts”.

Curious and alarmed, I tried to get in on the conversation. I got the same reply. “I’ll tell you when I see you. No calls, no texts”.

Bingo. Red flag recognized. Whatever I’d been thinking, this scared the hell out of me. No matter what, I liked Obama and consider him still as one of the best presidents ever. He worked miracles in spite of a hostile Congress refusing to help him. He raised us from dire straits to hope and functionality; he raised our esteem in foreign leader’s eyes, and he called us to be fair, to be better than what we thought we could be. He never lowered himself to the level of his opponents. And there was Sandy Hook. You remember Sandy Hook? The shooting. The Massacre of Innocents that Alex Jones claims was staged?

I’ll never forget seeing those children walk out of that school, hands on the students in front of them. You know what Obama did? Not many do.

He asked one man to accompany him to Connecticut. Here’s what happened.

I ended up reporting my “friend”. He actually scared me to the point that I put together his travels to and connections with Russia, and his placement in a nuclear security position, a job he should never have gotten with his medical discharge from the military on psychological evaluation results. He got a partial retirement. But one look at his record and the NRC hired him as head of security? No. Other players were in the middle of it. Now, mind you, Russia has compromised American veterans, politicians and civilians all over the place. You’ll never know who they are. It took an emotional and absolute statement in two Facebook comments for me to catch on. I began to fear for my life or my freedom. I’ll never commit any act of treachery against my beloved country. Never. I’d much sooner die. To know that a guy I knew in school was in the process of conspiracy to do just that filled me with rage. So I reached out. Good friends who had put up with me during my time on the dark side. With love and patience I can never repay, I was able to get my head on straight. When I began to post anti-Trump links, my “friend” commented, “You’re slipping back into your libtard ways” and I blocked him. He then texted me and accused me of being a hypocrite and a false Christian. I blocked his number.

Four years later I think of this, and I remember that there’s proof that Russia did in fact interfere in the election. But even though Clinton won the popular vote, there came a perfect storm. Gerrymandering. Votes lost, machines tampered with, voters suddenly unregistered, people staying home because they didn’t want to vote for Trump but couldn’t vote for Clinton because of James Comey, and then the preposterous Pizzagate, along with people who only voted down ballot.

I also wonder what the NRC security head gave away to the Russians about weaknesses in our nuclear power security.

Today I’m thinking about some of the things Trump has done in the past three years. It would take a book to cover it all. Stormy Daniels. Melania slapping his hand away in contempt. Carrying on his businesses without shame. Disrespectful language with foreign leaders. Private meetings with Putin and other Russians. Impeachment. So many lies they stagger the mind. A revolving door at the employee entrance in the White House. Convictions of his own campaign staff and his lawyer, and worst of all, those lost children. Those still kept imprisoned.

Donald Trump’s a foul evil beast. You decide: is that the kind of man you want to deal with for another four and a half years?

Because from his reelection onward, the economy will absolutely be a shambles. War will be inevitable. Revolts here at home will tear this country apart with the gutting of Social Security and Medicare. That’s what Putin wants. Do do you, like my former friend, owe your allegiance to Russia, or do you want your country back? That’s the choice you cannot avoid.

Here’s an iconic episode of “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver. He was funny. But he was also very clear in his dire warning about Donald Trump and the many reasons he shouldn’t become our President. Four Years Ago:

I hope this time you’ll listen.

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