Paradigm Shift: Fox Faces Reality?

Okay, we know it’s scary. We know what people are doing in the face of that fear. Panic buying. A Star Trek turbolift couldn’t keep up with the Dow Jones. Purrell sales online are limited to minimum orders of $150.00. You can’t buy bread. Toilet paper. Milk. Aspirin. Cough syrup. Douche.

In all of this, I’ve tried along with many others to learn with each day what this disease is really doing or is capable of. I’ve tried to be honest but not go anywhere near the panic button. I have a selfish reason for this. In fact, two of them. The first is that I genuinely care about people and the truth. The second is the selfish one. If you’re sick, you can’t read my stuff. I don’t have good stats but I hold out hope.

However. And this is truly frightening and maddening: not everyone is interested in the truth. Worse, not everyone is capable of telling the truth. And worst of all, some people don’t seem to be able to tell the difference between truth and deceit, reality and some weird sort of paranoid delusion or fantasy.

Trish Regan, Fox News evening program host and an unabashedly truculent right-wing fanatic for Trump, came up with this monologue on her show earlier this week. She’s since been sidelined, but how much damage she caused remains to be seen. There was an awful backlash on social media and complaints supposedly directed at Fox News, but while people speared her mercilessly all over the internet, what’s going on with those who believe the kind of sewage she discharged that night, and countless times before it?

Look, being politically opinionated is okay. It’s different ideologies that have formed and kept America going. It’s how we maintain balance. But unfortunately, lies, disinformation in campaigns and new political terms have also been a part of the price we pay for what we call a “democracy”. With political bribes and Citizens United, it’s so scrambled now that gerrymandering and foreign monies get lost on most of us. There’s too much to process. We’ve been on overload for longer than we realize.

So the Russian scandal, and the Ukrainian scandal, the impeachment, the utter failure of Robert Mueller to pin down the “big fish” and catch only the fry, all add up to Fox News morons who believe they can claim that ever since Trump was sworn in, he’s actually been a victim of constant attacks by the left.

I speak for a lot of Democrats when I say we never wanted it this way. Early on, after Trump became president-elect, we held out hope that somehow, it wasn’t going to be as bad as we thought. We didn’t like his campaign. We didn’t like his bullying. His insensitivity. But we hoped that the job would sober him up.

That never proved to be a realistic hope. And I take no joy in saying so. Too much damage has been done at his pettiness and contempt (I can never forget those kids). His takeover of the DoJ is a coup unprecedented in our history. He pisses on our flag with his every decision.

In all this time, he has had a core group of rabid supporters, perhaps none more enabled to spread his praise and lies than Fox News. And so we come to the subject of SARS CoV-2, aka 2019-nCov, aka 2019 novel coronavirus, aka COVID-19. The more we learn about it the more difficult it is to be positive. It can be transmitted by sharing drinks, hugging, coughing and sneezing, handshaking followed by touching your nose, mouth or eyes, the latter of which is an actual problem as spring allergy season has begun. It can survive on surfaces such as metals and plastics three days, and at-risk groups are understandably scared.

The thing we needed most was true leadership. We didn’t have it. We had a president who horsed the CDC like an angler horsing a catfish to keep it from going on a run where snags can break fishing line as if it were thread.

He also withheld information. He claimed that Democrats would “weaponize” the disease against him. With an election looming, which is and was a ludicrous assertion. All we wanted was information and a proper heads-up. We wanted protective measures. We may have been unrealistic in that last item, but as he did nothing, sure enough, people in the United States were spreading the disease. And with some showing no symptoms (they were medically asymptomatic), the disease was innocently spread. We had never seen anything quite like this with carriers not immune, but not that sick, but transmitting to people who later became critically ill. Or who passed away from pneumonia. Most carriers to communicable diseases are immune.

The World Health Organization and CDC along with NIH and others were working hard. We couldn’t tell at first.

The hosts of Fox News shows, such as a radical Trish Regan, deserve to be benched because of their ongoing conspiracy nonsense. In fact, it is shit like that that kills people. Oh, I don’t mean the mortality from COVID-19. I mean morons who believe people such as Regan. They can be extremely dangerous once fueled with outrage.

Let’s never forget what triggered fanatics can do. Or that a mild example is the so-called “pizzagate” shooter who drove hundreds of miles to shoot what he thought were child traffickers and cannibals, including Hillary Clinton, working from the basement of a DC pizza place, one which didn’t even have a basement.

Dishonesty and nutty conspiracy theories, false accusations and lies are not just wrong. They’re dangerous.

Finally, I have a for what-it’s-worth warning.

Currently circulating on social media is an item you may have seen shared by a friend. It’s someone else’s post. It warms you of the Coronavirus. It instructs you to take a deep breath, hold it for ten seconds, then expel it. If you can do it without coughing or needing air, you’re fine. If not, “you’ve waited too long and fibrosis has set in”.

However, holding your breath isn’t a test for any disease. It’s just holding your breath. And COVID-19 causes pneumonia, not fibrosis. When you see these things, stop being so damn nice about it. Comment immediately that it’s bullshit. Challenge the poster to remove it. Report the post. Don’t pussyfoot around with a lie that can actually hurt people. The post I refer to has shown up on Snopes, and I recommend fact-checks for everything that seems too good to be true or so horrible that your first reaction is to be filled with dread. Help us all by not falling for conspiracy theories and stupid posts that invariably catch the gullible.

The truth hurts this time around. But lies are worse.

Oh. One more thing. Alex Jones is selling nano silver and claiming that taken internally it kills coronavirus.

This reminds me of historic breakouts like the Plague, smallpox, TB, Spanish flu…. All had one very distinct thing in common. It wasn’t cellular structure or RNA. Not symptoms. Not death tolls. It was the inhuman sales by quacks and con men who sold perfumes, flowers, elixers and charms to desperate, terrified citizenry.

Now you finally know what Alex Jones really is.

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