That Don’t Smell Like Roses, Boy!

First of all. I did see this news conference from the White House Rose garden. Sure did. And if you were, no matter how disgusting you find him, seduced by his words, don’t worry. The state of emergency grabbed everyone’s attention and we had a difficult time seeing past it.

But I think this is an excellent analysis, so I’d like you to read it. Knowing how much and how badly he lied is critical to how we stay focused. Yes, he was shamelessly plugging for corporations. And yes, he lied about Google and 1,700 “engineers” building a web site. And he refused to take any responsibility for the time lag that allowed people to get sick while called the coronavirus first a hoax then a liberal plot. He threw shade at Obama as usual. He’s a liar and does not care about you or me. Don’t vote for him. It’s time we had someone accountable in the White House again.

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