Trump: If You Trust Him, You’re Wrong

Trump’s ego shows in press conference. Meanwhile, a report by NPR reveals a recording that proves Trump knew the real threat of the coronavirus 19 weeks ago. Nineteen weeks ago is November, folks. The time of the outbreak in China’s origin.

This is pretty damning. It’s proof that Trump is a cover-up nut.

He’s just tonight been revealed to have ordered the numbers of coronavirus cases and unemployment figures be withheld. The New York Times just reported this. We need to know what’s going on. Trump’s order or request to have numbers withheld from the public during a national health crisis is an egregiously gross betrayal of the people.

Italy Passes China Death Count: Is This Chilling Video A Preview Of Our Future?

This short video is from Bergamo, Italy. It’s a convoy of Army trucks carrying coffins out of the city. The Wall Street Journal has more details on the complications suffered by Italy’s Lombardy region. These complications stem from inadequate beds and facilities in hospitals and an older population compared to China, but honestly, there’s plenty of variables that also contributed.

Can we take a lesson from China and Italy? I think we have to. The infection rate in the United States is alarming, but what’s more, people are not observing the most basic of warnings to observe social distancing, washing hands often with soap and hot water, using hand sanitizer, gloves or covering a cough or sneeze. Spring break in Florida proved greedy tourist “hospitality industry” morons hosting kids are not interested in health, not even their own. One myth of the coronavirus is that young people can’t catch it. So Spring Break was on. We’ve all seen the aerial video.

People of any age can contact this virus. They may be less likely to develop pneumonia and die, but they still can. And even if they’re asymptomatic, they can pass it on. To anyone. And the people they transmit it to can die.

In Maryland, the first death from COVID-19 has happened. Also a 5-year-old in my county has tested positive. Everyone around her must now be screened. She lives not far from a place I used to live, and I must admit to feeling personally very much hurt for her and her family.

There’s bad news all around. The majority of people hospitalized here are under the age of 60, more like 55 and under. First responders are catching the virus. Doctors and nurses are getting infected because of a lack of personal protective equipment. The shortages of masks and gloves and caps are going to get doctors laid up, and probably, some will die.


Trump has repeatedly said it’s up to governors and mayors to get what they need. And they are, and are trying. But Trump has already declared a national emergency. When that happens, the federal government is supposed to go into overdrive. Whatever it takes to get anyone and everyone the help they need has to be done.

We are not seeing that. I warned people that when VP Pence was appointed responsibility to take care of this situation, it was Trump’s way of setting him up as a scapegoat. Trump has rained bullshit down on us until he’s stuttering. When asked a ridiculously straightforward question such as “how is it acceptable to tell healthcare workers to use bandanas instead of masks”, Trump literally stepped to his right and said, “I’ll let Mike answer that”, and don’t you just know, Pence did not answer the bandana question. He said something vague about stepping up “production”. Which, if he had an IQ at all, I would say is Pence’s way of saying, “Mr. President, I didn’t ask to be your bitch, and I’m not gonna stand here and take bullets for you.”

Both men are failures as national leaders. Regarding each, I have nothing good and nothing positive and nothing close to Christian things to say. My god they’re stupid. My god they’re so god-damned, absolutely, dumber than cat shit. America, you better take this to heart: you have no president or vice president who function in any way. You better wake up and stop the parties, the group activities, and every other fucking thing you’re doing. How can you hope to survive this if you’re bent on listening to idiots? This is bad. Horrible. It’s Death, coming to collect. Why the hell would you deliberately risk your life or the lives of others as if you’re invincible? Because you’re not any such thing.

One final note. People have already gotten around to discussing total lockdown in news interviews. That’s called Martial Law. You don’t want it? Then stop risking the lives of others. Stay home. Just because your school is closed doesn’t mean you can group out and hang with your buds. You can not see a virus; only what it does. Don’t be such a cocky asshole. Stay home. Wash your hands like you are pretending to be Howard Hughes.

It’s going to get worse. And yes, total lockdowns are possible. Don’t believe for a second it can’t happen.

And don’t believe truck convoys with body bags can’t roll down your street. Nothing special about your street. Knock the bullshit off and see Trump and Pence for the lying bastards they truly are. Most people have no concept of what is coming. That’s the worst part.

Fear Is A Natural Reaction To Any Crisis. Just Don’t Make It Worse. We Will Get Through This. Remember, There’s Always Hope.

Donald McNeil was on Rachel Maddow via Skype. I didn’t like what he had to say. At first, I was very frightened.

New York State more than doubled confirmed cases over one calendar day, from 800+ to 1,800+, and that’s fucking scary. Seven states have done nothing to restrict the sizes of gatherings, closing bars, restaurants or anything else. Schools are open except for a few which closed on their own. This is the equivalent of courting horror. “They’re asking for it,” McNeil said.

There are serious problems in the country. One lies in medical testing and protective equipment. Reports of HR personnel in hospitals using odds and ends to construct face shields are deeply disturbing. Gloves, gowns and masks as well as caps and shoe covers are in damnably short supply.

We’re not only short on testing supplies, we’re dangerously short on the extra large Q-tips for the sampling. The reason cases in New York doubled was testing supplies became available. But that’s one state. As Trump mockingly praised West Virginia for not having any confirmed cases, the first case was being confirmed.

What the hell happened?

First of all, cooperation between the administration and Cuomo resulted in more testing supplies for New York. The more people tested, the more people will test positive. Those are not new cases. They are existing cases that we didn’t know about; now we do.

We may, very quickly, within a few weeks, be at a point where hospitals can’t treat everyone who’s most symptomatic. Just like Italy. And no use, don’t try, to point out that Italy is not the United States. I’m aware of that. But Italy is in fact a preview of what can happen here. And they report 300 deaths per day. Trump wasted time just as China did. That fated Americans to die. For him to stand up now and praise himself is a travesty.

The problem here is that people testing positive are not being quarantined. Not if they aren’t very sick. They’re going home on the hope that they can be trusted to self quarantine. Which not everyone will do. And they infect spouses or other family who, while asymptomatic, interact with others. It’s how the virus spreads.

Here, there’s another consideration. Layoffs, restaurant and movie theater closings, closed-space malls shut down, and more. Mass transit is taking a huge hit. Busses in my county are using the more sparse weekend schedule. Airlines are in serious danger. We are in the midst of the worst economic crisis most of us have ever seen. Lost wages and revenues are approaching critical levels. Some who don’t get sick or who do and recover will find the places they worked are never going to reopen. Usually small businesses, but certainly not limited to that. Some factory and tech jobs will be cut permanently. We don’t know the extent yet; we do know that unemployment benefits are a slow go. Many state offices that handle that are closed. Being as it is, most people live from paycheck to paycheck. Will landlords give them a break? Will there be foreclosures? Will people be able to run their utilities? Will they be able to buy food? These are things we have to ask and get concrete answers to. The answers are not coming fast enough.


Trump gutted CDC way back. He left it that way. That was the first key element to this developing situation. The second was a delay in Trump even acknowledging the virus existed. Now, ironically, Trump and even Fox are basically admitting that they were dishonest because they echoed the word “hoax” but now consider it very real. Note that they refuse to admit their lies; they merely acknowledge the virus as if they were on top of it all along, save for the fact that the Chinese withheld the facts about the initial outbreak. Trump calls it the “China Virus” and claims not to be racist.

We have in the White House a president who, by means of diminished capacity, mental health issues and a great deal of ignorance, cannot lead us through this terrible crisis.

At his daily press conference on Wednesday, Trump was asked a question. He answered with a “95 percent” favorable to himself and referred to democratic front runner Biden as “sleepy Joe” because it’s always about how he’s so great. That’s what I’d call a moron. We have no leader. This is a peek at anarchy. You look too closely, it’ll scare the hell out of you.

Containment is key. You don’t need a competent president to practice it. If you stay home, you lessen your risk and the risk to others should you get coronavirus. You don’t want to be responsible for making someone else sick. They could die, and maybe you won’t know, but ask yourself and your higher power what’s the right thing to do here?

For one thing you can’t be convinced that you’re about to be laid out under some fresh sod. Hell yes, people are gonna die. Yes, yes, fucking yes. That doesn’t mean you. Even if you get infected, no one rule says you’re going to die.

The myths surrounding the virus are really painful once I fall for one and look further, especially after posting something, and then find I passed on some bullshit. That really hurts me. Like this post; it is heavily edited. It originally contained references to anarchy, and we’re not there yet, but Donald Trump’s no leader. He claims wrongly that it should have been stopped in China right after claiming it took the world by surprise. Then he said something remarkably Trump-like that I find so over the top that even for him it’s disgusting. He plugged himself. “People say no other president has been able to do what I’ve done.” That was in his Thursday press conference. And that conference really turned into typically Trumpian faire; he only lasted so long before once again berating the press, fake news, and pointing to two reporters whom he said were “too close each other”, and he said, “you two should leave right now, in fact, I don’t even like you, so maybe I’ve come up with a good place to start.”

Holy shit! He is a sick man. He could have used a prime opportunity to make himself presidential, or appear to be, and as usual, didn’t have it in him to do it. His rhetoric turned into worse than his usual drek for the press updates. That doesn’t make me feel very hopeful.

But I do have hope.

He stutters from the podium and lies his ass off. If it weren’t for people around him actually defying his bullshit orders and doing their best we would be in a state of anarchy. If it weren’t for state governors and city mayors combining their resources and knowledge, we would be in a state of anarchy right now.

Cuomo has been popular and his press conferences and the extraordinary wisdom he has and measures he’s taken, his calm demeanor and reassuring words have a powerful mojo. You really should see what he says and how he says it. The fact is, things look grim. But he doesn’t pretend that this situation isn’t bad. Seriously bad. He simply tells the truth and warns that fear is even more dangerous than this pandemic. Fear causes the passing on of false information, which in turn energizes and spreads more fear.

I hope you all know by now that touching a box shipped from China isn’t going to make you sick. I hope you know that drinking Corona beer won’t give you coronavirus. I hope you’ve found that rumours of eating “Chinese food” isn’t going to transmit the coronavirus. The myths should by now be dispelled. Unfortunately, when Fox News goes free basic cable, as it has done, it has a larger audience to reach, and just because they now acknowledge the COVID-19 pandemic, it does not mean you’ll get the truth from it. I wager you won’t. Geraldo I cannot listen to. If that bastard were any more stupid he wouldn’t even qualify for Fox News. That stunt he pulled is unforgettable, even in Geraldo legend. Hold your breath ten seconds, if you can. If you do, you’re not infected. What bullshit. He got it from Facebook, and of all things, it’s a meme. Check the story out on Snopes, and always use as many fact check sites as you can before believing something that morons tell you.

Look, I’m on your side. We should be putting aside our many differences to combat the pandemic. We should respect personal space. Wash hands. Most of all say hello to people, and say something encouraging or otherwise cheerful. I saw a couple on the footpath the other day. I stepped well into the grass to let them by, and I said, “Hi, folks, I hope you’re well.”

Support is not just verbal. Elderly people may need things but are too scared or too handicapped to get everything they need. Offer to pick up things from the store. Use gloves and hand sanitizer. Talk outside from a distance, because this is a bad time to be alone. We need human contact. It’s how we’re made. Keeping safe distances, you can still engage in conversation and feel better quickly; I spend a lot of time alone, and it’s good for me at times, but not at others. And you never know how you can affect someone else by listening, asking questions so they know you’re really interested and that you care. But whatever you do, keep it safe. The goal is to stop creating vectors for the spread of COVID-19.

Most of all, maintain your faith and have as positive an attitude as you can. It’s infectious, and that’s a good thing. We’ll talk again tomorrow. Til then, stay well.

The Biggest Fake In Washington Is Trump. The Next Biggest Will Surprise You.

What can you say about a woman so empty inside that she seems to be going out of her way to prove that she’s the spiritual equivalent of a black hole?

You’d probably say that she’s making money. Lots of it. That, and the fact that she’s supposed to be above what she’s doing.

Paula White is, for some reason nobody can adequately explain, the so-called spiritual advisor for the White House. You know, the Trump administration. She’s a token for someone who thought Trump needed a mascot to show conservative Christian idiots that he’s one of them. She can’t be a ministerial liaison, because she’s not really a Christian. She’s just there to make evangelicals think Trump’s in touch with God. Evangelicals aren’t really Christians either; they embrace racism, violence and they ignore Trump’s lies because he’s like one of them. Their votes are critical to his campaign, as they were in 2016.

And of course, they do believe that he is one of them. He’s the Saviour, the man who came to fight evil in our government and the world. He promised to “drain the swamp” but instead turned it into a cesspool. And they still blab nonsensical bullshit, praising him. He’s the greatest thing since Jesus Christ.

It should not come as a surprise that Trump continued to operate his private businesses despite promising not to. Nor should there be any shock factor in his shameless lies, now numbering in the thousands if not more. His conduct, however, with other matters, should shock, offend and sicken you. Remember all those missing immigrant children? His close association with Russia? He’s been impeached. He’s killed Americans and lied about it. His gross incompetence is nowhere more clear than in his conduct regarding the coronavirus. His failure to act responsibly in January has led us here. He’s still lying, denying that simple fact.

We’ve seen our country change right in front of our eyes. NBA, MLB cancelled. March Madness, gone. Restaurants can only serve takeout, drive-thru or delivery. Grocery stores are out of so many things that entire aisles are empty. Trump refuses responsibility.

Therefore Paula White doesn’t shock me with her latest money grubbing scam. If you’re not familiar with the seed gospel, here’s an excellent and brutal critique by John Oliver courtesy of HBO.

Prosperity or “Seed” gospel is as false a doctrine as you can get Christians to fall for. Because the people who cry for your money from a pulpit, or who bully you into giving up money in the promise that God will reimburse you are thieves. Their targets are usually the poor and the sick, desperate people who are either dying, on the brink of homelessness, or have a family member with cancer, Parkinson’s or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

As hateful as you think this is to God, and I damn well hope you do, it is still a huge problem and it’s still legal four years after John Oliver made this episode of Last Week Tonight.

To actually have such a fake in the presidential “staff” is one thing; to have her doing this shit is pathetic, hateful, blasphemous. Please don’t fall for this incredible and sad scam. If you want to donate to a good cause, fine. But paying for some liar’s heated bathroom floor and glowing toilet seat is not going to do anything but let them brag to visitors, “look, you turn off the light and the seat glows the most beautiful blue, just like the day the heavens parted and a dove descended and a thunderous voice said ‘This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.’ isn’t it like the cutest little miracle?”

Look. I’m a believer. I know desperation and sickness. But I also know that Televangelist class 101 involves teaching a freshman how to tap into the guilt most people feel about certain things in their lives. The second semester consists of making those people feel that they have some affliction responsible for their sins, which is cruel and manipulating. Now the audience is prepared. Properly turned into self-loathing sheep, they’ll give their last dollar to anyone who can get them out of the spiritual equivalent of a tight place. But having someone prey on people in this manner during a pandemic or natural disaster is the height of theft made legal in the name of God. Seeds grow from the ground, they’re plants. Not money.

See all Televangelist fakes for what they are: charlatans, thieves and blasphemers who believe in God far less than you do. And please do not give them your money. God won’t strike you down for taking care of yourself and your family. Don’t let Paula White get even richer because of your fears. It’s wrong. But rich people like her can rarely see their own wrongs. Many terrible things have been done in the name of Christ. If you believe…if you have the slightest bit of real faith…you know how much he must really hate such things.

Are We Having Fun Yet? Not Taking The Coronavirus Seriously Can Cause Millions Of Deaths In The United States Alone

I just returned from the supermarket and I was pleased to see restaurants closed and fewer cars on the lot. Then I turned the corner and saw the supermarket lot. Looks like a mall parking lot at Christmas.

Inside, not too bad. No bread, no paper. No hand sanitizers. Cold and flu medicines okay but selling out. Plenty of foot spray, though. So if you’re fungal tween your toes, you have nothing to worry about.

I was saddened to see people ungloved, passing by the hand sanitizer wipe stations both entering and exiting. That’s an awfully risky thing.

We’ve had our first reported confirmed case in Howard County. A nursing home resident who was high-risk. We hope the staff and visitors take precautions, but frankly, I have a rather grim outlook. Anyone not presenting symptoms is still in possible incubation. If you need anything from the store, consider online shopping and delivery, or go now and lock yourself in a couple weeks. The risk of interaction with others is simply not worth it.

Not that we’re getting any help from Trump. Look, I’ll be honest with you: if you are one of those who still believe he’s doing a good job, you’re so badly deluded that you need your doctor to write a prescription for a strong antipsychotic. That, or you’re so gullible that Fox News is never off. You leave it on 24-7. You’re a lost cause.

In a teleconference with governors and mayors, Trump roundly refused to help states obtain critical equipment like respirators. “Get it yourselves”, he said.

Then Trump tweeted about a great phone call with governors and mayors. Except for Cuomo (“he needs to do more”). Cuomo responded by saying Trump isn’t doing his job, which is correct. At one point Cuomo allegedly called Trump an asshole. That was removed, but Cuomo’s attitude and outrage remain well founded.

I see people taking risks and the state government trying to discourage such things. The schools are closed. The local mall and one shopping center are closed. Groups numbering more than 250 people are banned including in churches. But it is not enough.

It will continue to spread and to take lives. Some reports even have it that recovered patients have 30-60 percent diminished lung function. That is damn scary.

Calling Trump an asshole is wrong. That’s an insult to us real assholes around here. Trump is definitely not an asshole. He is so much more, every bit of it horrible. He’s stupid. Cruel. Bestial. Insensitive. Bat shit crazy. And, Republicans, and you, too, Russians, he doesn’t care about you. He would muck you over in a heartbeat and refuse to admit it was he who did it.

We know Trump has effectively crippled our government. We’ve known it since the first people he fired. Since making his daughter a White House advisor even though she hadn’t the clearance, nor any experience, and is even more dense than her father.

He gutted CDC and the funding it needs. It’s a perfect storm, almost as if this was all planned (it wasn’t, so don’t even try that conspiracy theory crap with me).

I knew the bear market was coming. I did not see a pandemic triggering it. I did not even imagine that Trump was going to deliberately kill people with his hoax/conspiracy theory bullshit. And that’s what it comes down to: either he’s a liar and knew it was coming and going to be a horror and did nothing, or he’s a nutball who honestly believed liberals were attacking him with more fake “news” and whichever it is, we have a problem.

I don’t pretend I know which is the truth. Or what will happen next. Be sure you’re registered to vote. Fill out your census so Moscow Mitch McConnell and his pets can gerrymander your district. Use soap and hot water afterward.

And stay in. As much as is practicable, stay home. Because before this is over, it will get much worse.

You want to see friends, get together, have fun. This is not the time. I’m genuinely sorry about that. This is no fun, I know. But it’s worse than I and a lot of others thought it would be. And playing with this is just wrong.

That Don’t Smell Like Roses, Boy!

First of all. I did see this news conference from the White House Rose garden. Sure did. And if you were, no matter how disgusting you find him, seduced by his words, don’t worry. The state of emergency grabbed everyone’s attention and we had a difficult time seeing past it.

But I think this is an excellent analysis, so I’d like you to read it. Knowing how much and how badly he lied is critical to how we stay focused. Yes, he was shamelessly plugging for corporations. And yes, he lied about Google and 1,700 “engineers” building a web site. And he refused to take any responsibility for the time lag that allowed people to get sick while called the coronavirus first a hoax then a liberal plot. He threw shade at Obama as usual. He’s a liar and does not care about you or me. Don’t vote for him. It’s time we had someone accountable in the White House again.

Paradigm Shift: Fox Faces Reality?

Okay, we know it’s scary. We know what people are doing in the face of that fear. Panic buying. A Star Trek turbolift couldn’t keep up with the Dow Jones. Purrell sales online are limited to minimum orders of $150.00. You can’t buy bread. Toilet paper. Milk. Aspirin. Cough syrup. Douche.

In all of this, I’ve tried along with many others to learn with each day what this disease is really doing or is capable of. I’ve tried to be honest but not go anywhere near the panic button. I have a selfish reason for this. In fact, two of them. The first is that I genuinely care about people and the truth. The second is the selfish one. If you’re sick, you can’t read my stuff. I don’t have good stats but I hold out hope.

However. And this is truly frightening and maddening: not everyone is interested in the truth. Worse, not everyone is capable of telling the truth. And worst of all, some people don’t seem to be able to tell the difference between truth and deceit, reality and some weird sort of paranoid delusion or fantasy.

Trish Regan, Fox News evening program host and an unabashedly truculent right-wing fanatic for Trump, came up with this monologue on her show earlier this week. She’s since been sidelined, but how much damage she caused remains to be seen. There was an awful backlash on social media and complaints supposedly directed at Fox News, but while people speared her mercilessly all over the internet, what’s going on with those who believe the kind of sewage she discharged that night, and countless times before it?

Look, being politically opinionated is okay. It’s different ideologies that have formed and kept America going. It’s how we maintain balance. But unfortunately, lies, disinformation in campaigns and new political terms have also been a part of the price we pay for what we call a “democracy”. With political bribes and Citizens United, it’s so scrambled now that gerrymandering and foreign monies get lost on most of us. There’s too much to process. We’ve been on overload for longer than we realize.

So the Russian scandal, and the Ukrainian scandal, the impeachment, the utter failure of Robert Mueller to pin down the “big fish” and catch only the fry, all add up to Fox News morons who believe they can claim that ever since Trump was sworn in, he’s actually been a victim of constant attacks by the left.

I speak for a lot of Democrats when I say we never wanted it this way. Early on, after Trump became president-elect, we held out hope that somehow, it wasn’t going to be as bad as we thought. We didn’t like his campaign. We didn’t like his bullying. His insensitivity. But we hoped that the job would sober him up.

That never proved to be a realistic hope. And I take no joy in saying so. Too much damage has been done at his pettiness and contempt (I can never forget those kids). His takeover of the DoJ is a coup unprecedented in our history. He pisses on our flag with his every decision.

In all this time, he has had a core group of rabid supporters, perhaps none more enabled to spread his praise and lies than Fox News. And so we come to the subject of SARS CoV-2, aka 2019-nCov, aka 2019 novel coronavirus, aka COVID-19. The more we learn about it the more difficult it is to be positive. It can be transmitted by sharing drinks, hugging, coughing and sneezing, handshaking followed by touching your nose, mouth or eyes, the latter of which is an actual problem as spring allergy season has begun. It can survive on surfaces such as metals and plastics three days, and at-risk groups are understandably scared.

The thing we needed most was true leadership. We didn’t have it. We had a president who horsed the CDC like an angler horsing a catfish to keep it from going on a run where snags can break fishing line as if it were thread.

He also withheld information. He claimed that Democrats would “weaponize” the disease against him. With an election looming, which is and was a ludicrous assertion. All we wanted was information and a proper heads-up. We wanted protective measures. We may have been unrealistic in that last item, but as he did nothing, sure enough, people in the United States were spreading the disease. And with some showing no symptoms (they were medically asymptomatic), the disease was innocently spread. We had never seen anything quite like this with carriers not immune, but not that sick, but transmitting to people who later became critically ill. Or who passed away from pneumonia. Most carriers to communicable diseases are immune.

The World Health Organization and CDC along with NIH and others were working hard. We couldn’t tell at first.

The hosts of Fox News shows, such as a radical Trish Regan, deserve to be benched because of their ongoing conspiracy nonsense. In fact, it is shit like that that kills people. Oh, I don’t mean the mortality from COVID-19. I mean morons who believe people such as Regan. They can be extremely dangerous once fueled with outrage.

Let’s never forget what triggered fanatics can do. Or that a mild example is the so-called “pizzagate” shooter who drove hundreds of miles to shoot what he thought were child traffickers and cannibals, including Hillary Clinton, working from the basement of a DC pizza place, one which didn’t even have a basement.

Dishonesty and nutty conspiracy theories, false accusations and lies are not just wrong. They’re dangerous.

Finally, I have a for what-it’s-worth warning.

Currently circulating on social media is an item you may have seen shared by a friend. It’s someone else’s post. It warms you of the Coronavirus. It instructs you to take a deep breath, hold it for ten seconds, then expel it. If you can do it without coughing or needing air, you’re fine. If not, “you’ve waited too long and fibrosis has set in”.

However, holding your breath isn’t a test for any disease. It’s just holding your breath. And COVID-19 causes pneumonia, not fibrosis. When you see these things, stop being so damn nice about it. Comment immediately that it’s bullshit. Challenge the poster to remove it. Report the post. Don’t pussyfoot around with a lie that can actually hurt people. The post I refer to has shown up on Snopes, and I recommend fact-checks for everything that seems too good to be true or so horrible that your first reaction is to be filled with dread. Help us all by not falling for conspiracy theories and stupid posts that invariably catch the gullible.

The truth hurts this time around. But lies are worse.

Oh. One more thing. Alex Jones is selling nano silver and claiming that taken internally it kills coronavirus.

This reminds me of historic breakouts like the Plague, smallpox, TB, Spanish flu…. All had one very distinct thing in common. It wasn’t cellular structure or RNA. Not symptoms. Not death tolls. It was the inhuman sales by quacks and con men who sold perfumes, flowers, elixers and charms to desperate, terrified citizenry.

Now you finally know what Alex Jones really is.