Democratic Debate

Everyone is having their say about who won the debate of 19 February. Polls are confusing. The debate confused a lot of people. Some actually said they didn’t think any candidate is electable. Some say there were too many attacks. Buttigieg took heat for swinging at Amy Klobuchar, but she countered with an admittance of her imperfections. The truth is each had a strong moment, a strong closing, and all are dead serious about their campaign. Bernie scores high for his stance on healthcare as does Warren. But they fight each other. Attack each other. Truth is, Warren is more realistic. Yet no congress will ever implement their proposals.

Even Democrats would reject them. You can’t suddenly go from what we have to what Sanders wants. On healthcare I liked Biden’s solution as being more passable, especially because it can be added to. That’s ultimately more realistic.

Warren will not be elected. The moderates and disenfranchised old school Republicans will abstain.

Sanders is an orator, no doubt. He has a chance, but moderates could ruin him.

Race was barely touched on but it’s a big problem. The alleged behavior of Bloomberg with women is worse. It’s indefensible. Warren beat the shit out of him on that. Biden agreed with the call to release women from non-disclosure agreements. The refusal of Bloomberg to agree was loudly booed.

Bloomberg has another achilles heel: the Stop and Frisk policy. What it accomplished was a reduced crime rate, but no one wants to hear it because the black and latino neighborhoods where a lot of crime existed were targeted. The policy was immediately racist and got cops injured and killed. Then a five officer beat had to be started because no two cops were safe. That and innocent people were arrested, had their civil rights abominably violated, and the whole thing was just fucked up. The end result was that it’s now his own worst enemy along with the non-disclosure agreements which may be disturbing to a degree we’re not able to comprehend.

Klobuchar admits mistakes. I like that and wish she could poll higher. After Trump, a bit of humility sure would be nice. She did well. I like her.

Buttigieg would have won if not for his brutal attacks on Klobuchar and the question of his healthcare policy.

I’ve come out of this determined to vote for Joe Biden. He’s electable, he appeals to moderates, he’ll get defecting conservative votes and send Trump to Florida.

But whatever happens, remember who the real enemy is. The democratic party cannot be split. If a candidate with the most delegates is not backed by the party, Trump will win.

Simply Terrifying: The Trump And Barr Partnership Gains Power

He made himself the only person who can decide which democratic candidates can be investigated. He fumed against encryption on private citizen’s electronic devices because “the government can’t see what they’re doing”, and this Washington Post article is full of some really scary stuff. Now I couldn’t, even for money, write a worthy analysis of everything here. Hell, when a dumbass like Trump gets it in his head that the Catholic Church is liberal, I just have to say, I am lost. I used to follow a blogger who had faced a lot of difficulties, but who would sit outside family planning centers and pray for an end to abortion. I stopped reading her blog right then and there. It’s fine to pray. It’s fine to have an opinion. But that was a point when I came to the realization that no one who is against abortion has ever had a realistic view of it. They’re always the ones who castigate women who have the procedure until they are in a situation where they are forced to decide if they’re going to have it done or be burdened with a baby they can’t support, aren’t emotionally able to care for, or which is likely to be fucked up due to conception during a drug treatment or incest, or they became pregnant from a rape. No man can legislate against a situation like that and no woman who hasn’t been there should even say anything about it.

Back to Trump and Barr, I can’t figure out why no one’s stopping them. I knew Trump would grab more power after his acquittal, but I couldn’t have predicted all of this; it’s nuttier than chipmunk shit it’s really happening!

And in case you’re as mystified as I was by the name “Hookers For Jesus”, it’s basically a conservative Christian non-profit organization founded to help victims of human trafficking, sex industry workers who want out of the business and more. All noble, especially help with shelter and addiction. But if Barr and Trump chose this over Catholic charities, I’m sorry, but I’m truly skeptical. Are there former sex workers involved who had contact with Trump, Barr or someone they know? Because it would hardly be a first.

Far more important and scary is the Big Brother approach by Trump and Barr. All of this has seemed so slow to develop, but was designed long ago. Trump was being groomed by Russia at least five years prior to his golden escalator ride. Putin has maneuvered Trump into weakening this country’s government and world standing. It’s been effective, and now, you won’t hear anything else from Russia about elections. Putin is now another dictator for life, like Xi Jinping, and that’s also part of the plan. Now China and Russia, military allies, at least with technology, can do things they couldn’t ten years ago.

Oh, keep watching. Not all day, you know. Gotta walk away sometimes. But it gets more scary from here. And with the recession which is about five years overdue, because that’s how the economy cycles, there’s a huge fall coming. Trump will blame Democrats.

Not a good way to start the weekend, is it? I’m sorry. I really am sorry.

You Have Been Cordially Invited To A Revolution

This bullshit is why it is stupid to ignore Trump, McConnell and every dirty thing they and their cohorts do. Look. This is is not a power grab by the Democrats, nor the entire federal government, and is being executed by a lineup of Republicans and Russians. Along, I am sure, with others willing to sell their souls.

But selling your soul isn’t such a big deal, is it? I mean, how many people really and truly believe in souls these days? Can’t be many. I mean, I either know atheists, or extremists on the right including Baptists, Catholics, and worst of all, evangelicals. I’ve no problem with atheists; they have the right to choose what they believe. Those whom I call friends are more behaved like I think Christians should be. Some are, and they aren’t friends at all, belligerent and evil, every bit as much as the right-wing cabals of “Christians”. By word and action, they demonstrate a disregard for the gospels and instead adhere to a doctrine of hate. How can they not see their own evil?

The extreme right doesn’t care about justice, freedom, or even what’s true. They do not think for themselves. They watch Fox News and they’re willingly brainwashed. They were against the impeachment. They’ve overlooked every lie, every stupid act, everything that will affect this country and everyone’s freedom, health and safety for decades to come.

Mitch McConnell is the most evil man in Washington next to Trump. He’s obstructed the workings of a proper system of checks and balances for years. He’s rich beyond your dreams or mine and could easily have retired. But he’s under orders. ALEC, The Koch empire, and more pay the Republicans and the occasional Democrat to work in their favor. They don’t see this as the endgame it is. Having environmental regulations withdrawn benefits no one, but they see it as allowing them to increase production. Soon, the skies will be as they were in the 70s. Water from your tap will make you sick unless it goes on to kill you. You’ll pay higher taxes, higher retail prices, and get less. A dollar won’t buy you a cup of coffee now; soon it will be much like pennies are now. A pain in the ass.

Movement, as in travel, will soon be restricted to an unbelievable degree. You saw that Trump excluded New Yorkers from a travel program to save money. I don’t know the details, but one thing was clear: it was revenge.

He fires everyone who disagrees with him. Those who testified are persona non grata. He’s threatened the lives of more than a few people, has definitely put surveillance on others, has put members of the FBI in fear of one another and of Russian interference in this election. We’ve seen suspicious activity already and if you’ve had over 50 friends on Facebook since the last election, go through the list. How many names do you suddenly not recognize? They change. Block them. The propaganda is ramping up so fast it’s disorienting.

Yes, I know that you’ve heard comparisons between Trump and Hitler. Well, like Hitler, Trump craves more control. Like Hitler, he’s easily offended and vengeful to the extreme, and like Hitler, he’s an idiot. A moron. A dunce. The mentality that causes people to praise him is not that complex, as it was not in 1930s Germany. The people were angry, felt disregarded and society had sunk to dark pleasures and crime. Along came Hitler, and he was straight-laced about sex. He’s suspected of shooting or having someone shoot his niece, because he’d been in a sexual relationship with her. A rather kinky one. That would have ruined him. He appeared to be for reform, law and order, and enough people were conservative enough to follow his every word. They knew he was stupid, but they became so inflamed by his speeches that they bought it.

With Trump’s Senate acquittal, he is getting revenge and consolidating his power. How so many in office are frightened of him is a question that begs answer; any republican that speaks against him usually never talks to the press again. Or they’re much more stifled or restrained. The media is not much better, sometimes making me suspicious that all the pressure Trump has put on them has been, with some reporters and news outlets, effective.

Imagine how horrible life in a second Trump administration would be. Imagine the things he will do. Imagine him and McConnell doing what they do best. No healthcare, no social security, no disability, no VA care or benefits, the invariable reversal of Roe v. Wade, curfews, police brutality, travel checkpoints, neighbors reporting you for crimes just to save themselves regardless of their paranoia being borne of hysteria. Imagine republican voters falling into homelessness because they believed lies. What would happen?

In some places, racial violence and anarchy. That would stop when it became known both sides were shot or imprisoned.

No, what would happen is one of two things. First, we, like so many Germans in World War Two, would follow him to our own ruin. I think not.

We’re Americans. We do not share the history that Germany had. We hate liars, we hate being swindled, we hate freedom being taken away. We hate people fucking with our government to oppress the people. Trump is not Hitler only; he is King George with bad hair. And if we did not put up with George, how much less do you think we’ll take from Trump?

What we’re talking about here is revolution. And we don’t want that. It will be, if it happens, forced upon us. Make no mistake: every oppressor eventually meets his doom, always of his own making. It takes time, but it always happens. Eventually the Russian Federation will fall as well. What happens next depends on an overwhelming turnout by voters willing to oust Trump and his criminal regime. It depends on making sure that you haven’t been removed from voter status. And if we fail, the young will eventually fight what the government turns into. If it happens sooner, remember, Americans don’t eat shit. And when forced to decide, will gladly go into battle against all enemies, foreign and domestic. It won’t be on us.

It is Donald Trump’s invitation to a revolution, and he’s already given just cause.

The people of the United States can’t take much more. He’s going to kill millions if he succeeds in taking away social security and health care.

Remember: I am not advocating a rebellion. I’m simply predicting it.

On This Day

Last year I posted something on Facebook. It turned out that Harris pretty much sunk her own boat, not because of her race, but one statement about race to Joe Biden, a policy, a statement which was later debunked. From then on, she was always on the defense. I cannot say if it hurt the Democrats very much; no one talks about her now. But our choices of candidates should be based on the character we see and hear, the work they’ve done. Never on preconceived ideas of race or gender. Some still do. Well those in the Republican party want you to be biased. They sit and read and watch Fox News and they’re told that white people are under siege by every other race, and in the end, it scares the hell out of people. The lies and propaganda only get ramped up from here. This is because they’re insecure and the whole party has been caught dirty. The way they fight that is manipulating the news you get. The people you hear make no sense; there’s no way to make the whoppers they tell believable without emotional manipulation. They’re playing us.

In the year since this day in 2019, I’ve heard and read more ugliness, and now in our own Senate, we have a president on trial by men who have already said out loud that they have no intention of being fair and impartial. They’re hiding some really deep shit, stuff none of them ever want to be seen by the light of day, and that should piss you off. Because it’s not their country hanging in the wind, it’s yours and mine, and that means every day for the rest of our lives, we reap whatever they sow. Sure, there’s still an election coming up. Sure, we’ll get our say. But first, consider this: it’s not known how many voters have been electronically kicked off the registered voter’s lists. It’s a shitload, so you need to make sure you aren’t one of them. What the government is doing is illegal. The power play continues, but we can stop it. They just don’t want us to; their bullshit is desperation.

Prejudice and racism are part of what the Trump administration does, but graft, theft, money laundering, gutting important government agencies, reversing environmental policies, spitting on every allied nation we have, and much more, are well entrenched, and doing more damage every day. Dystopian horrors loom, and who among the Republicans will stand up to that? Well of course, you already know.

I saw Bill Nye attempting to be reasonable and explain the really basic facts concerning climate change. When Tucker Carlson kept interrupting him to say “you won’t answer the question”, Nye produced his cell phone and said, “Six seconds. That’s how long it takes for you to interrupt me, and sometimes less.”

Preconceived ideas about climate change: Carlson sort of admitted it was real, but clung to that conservative lie that it’s not caused, or accelerated by, human activity. The reason that’s key to Republicans is obvious. They cannot go against the orders of their masters, the men behind corrupt, illegal corporate megalopolies.

Democrats have their own problems to straighten out, but these are minor, policy differences which can and must be overcome before the next few months. Here’s the simplest way to work out who you’re going to vote for: you want your grand kids to live a daily nightmare?

Or would you rather they have their share of problems, but still be free, have healthcare, and jobs, and everything the Trump and Republican parties are systemically fucking them out of right now?

I say they underestimated us. And they always will. We’re not living under jackbooted goons, we’re the United States of America. And we all will always do battle with all enemies, foreign and domestic, who threaten this country.

One year ago I wrote this. I didn’t see what was next…


Oh. Now Kamala Harris is under it, accused of ineligibility for the presidency because she’s not a natural citizen. Put your guns down, assholes. This crap again? And her chance of winning isn’t that great to begin with, and you’re doing this? Shut yer traps. Bigotry isn’t as fashionable as you think it is. We have YouTube, assholes. We see everything you do. And guess what?

Yeah, it turns out that you look really stupid and evil with your Nazi salutes, your taunts to Native Americans, and all that bullshit. But here’s the thing. You blew it so badly that next year, you’re going see how many people hate everything you do. So. She’s not qualified?

That guy who plays Victor on the Young And The Restless? Still around. But he was never qualified for the show. Know why? And it’s not because he’s British, either. Oh, no, you know better than that. British actors are in. Always were. Give up?

He once guest starred as a werewolf on an especially dreadful episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker. Really. And Kolchak killed him by melting down stolen silver buttons off the cruise ship Captain’s uniform and somehow finding a mold to use to pour into the proper size caliber of bullet. But it was 70’s TV and we looked past it. Besides, actor Darren McGavin would return to supernatural TV in an episode of the X-Files, a particularly scary episode that creeped even me out. It took place during a hurricane.
There have been several films titled “Hurricane” through the years. One starred Frank Sutton as an idiot who lost his wife by throwing a hurricane party. But he was improbable in that role because this was just after his days as Sergeant Carter on Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. and that should have been it, right?
Typecasting is real. It hurts. Christian Bale broke his Dark Knight image by playing Dick Cheney, and I tell you, it’ll blow you away. So take your prejudiced bullshit and pound sand. You don’t know who’s qualified to do what, and you’re gonna listen to Rush Limpbaugh (the guy who got caught with illegal prescription meds, including Viagra, which he used to bed his maid or some shit, I don’t remember so don’t quote me). And Fox news and what have you. And you’re gonna hate everyone except the guy who’s chaotic and evil vindictiveness is in the process of taking your country, as you have known it, and crushing it under the heel of a jackboot.

So you think you’re qualified to determine who’s qualified. But you base the first prerequisite on race.


Shut up.

Who The Hell Was Naive Enough To Believe Our Senate Was Fair? Or That It was “Ours” At All?

I’ll be honest with you. I did not bother to read the above article. I’m not at the level of dumb it would require. I’m sorry. I’m not trying to throw shade on anyone who hoped impeachment was going to work.

Except, I am throwing shade, because everyone should have known better.

I’m not saying that we should all have seen everything that’s happened coming; no one predicted all of this. I was closer than I’m comfortable with, but I’ve also made clear that some things are going to happen which have yet to come true. Those things I still see on the horizon; unfortunately, and I hate saying it, things get worse from here.

Mitch McConnell is as evil a man as has ever served as an elected official. Lindsey Graham is his milquetoast twin, with the wit of a dead mouse and the personality of an overcooked noodle. He’s teased us before; going along at times with John McCain, but once McCain was gone, he turned himself out as a liar of the highest order.

It’s wrong to concentrate on those two, as they have bullied, promised and gaslighted their fellow GOP senators into little more than a crime family. It’s no secret that power and the imperative to keep it and gain more is their prime motivation. It’s hard to say just how many of them know what an imbecile Donald Trump really is, but to them, it is of no consequence; what matters is that the GOP not lose what power it holds. Therefore, no one should have been living under the delusion that Trump would be impeached by the Senate. They’re never, were never, going to do it.

What people forget, and it mystifies me how, is the sheer might of those whom the GOP answer to. This is no conspiracy theory; the Koch brothers and ALEC, among others under their umbrella, have stuffed unknown funds into republican campaigns for so long that we’ve been living not under a democratic government, but a plutocracy. None of this should be news to you. None of it should shock or turn you away in disbelief; it’s been in the open. And you have to ask yourself what goes on behind closed doors, considering what’s not hidden.

One thing that emerged in the very first days of the Trump campaign was the overt use of divisional tactics. That brought out scum like David Duke who latched on as some sort of bizarre camp follower. Hate groups hurried to endorse Trump, and it took a lot of public pressure to get him to disavow their support. He made a weak statement to that effect but it was absurdly insincere and only made everything worse. Then it turned into Russiagate, but later, it was discovered that Trump had been watched and groomed as a Russian asset since he married his first wife. One reason he resists releasing tax records is that he could never cover up all the dirty money coming to him from sources set up by Russia. Laundering, embezzlement, it’s all so difficult to hide.

Russia wasn’t alone. Funds to Trump’s bottomless wallet came from the Middle East and China as well. This is cash he still owes. I was tempted for a time to believe he was going to default on everything because, what do you expect from a man who can’t make his bowels move unless he’s on a gilded commode?

But there’s something much worse, more powerful than what we know. Russia and China recently made an agreement to share military technology. Hell, that’s enough to make any American move their bowels no mater what, over a hole in the ground or a stuck commode.

And it is the overt unwillingness of the Gop-controlled Senate to turn on Trump that tells us all what to expect. And some of their agenda is apparent, some already being used. Voter suppression is under way with hundreds of thousands of people being denied the right to vote. They’re legitimate voters, too. Russian tactical operations are apparent on social media and in every Trump speech. Gaslighting by way of false headlines such as “Pentagon Worried About US Troops Increasingly Pro-Russian” are meant not merely to mislead, but to demoralize troops and civilians alike, to induce hopelessness. So as to make voter turnout among Democrats and Independents low enough to ensure wins for the GOP and Trump.

It’s working. On social media and elsewhere I see infighting and a wide gap between Democratic backers of various candidates. Just like 2015-16, but worse, if you can grasp such a thing.

On the near-future agenda of the Republicans, we have a move to disqualify millions from the Social Security Act, and more. Targets considered top priority are the disabled, elderly and children. Of course, you remember how Trump revoked healthcare from children within his first months in office, while people were focused on travel and entry restrictions for Muslims. It’s been that way ever since: divert public attention with a controversial action while taking away the rights of others to the basic needs to live.

This one I have heard before. And republican voters are singing its praises. Not aware, of course, that their parents and grandparents will die. Not realizing that it goes beyond murder; it’s genocide. Not realizing that what will happen is a full uprising that could lead to civil war.

Meanwhile, a madman, provoked by another madman, sits in North Korea, promising the United States a “Christmas present”, implying a nuclear strike. This is, of course, terrorism, but no comfort or reassurance comes out of Washington; our president sits in his bedroom tweeting utter hatred for Americans he’s made up special nicknames for, and insulting children who want to save the future for humanity. Of course, being so dense has its price; Greta Thunberg kicked him in the scrotum immediately and with panache.

We’re in for more of the same, but bolder, more evil than before. Henceforth, once the Senate disposes of the impeachment, the GOPs power will be consolidated. Trump will be as one unbridled, so full of anger, contempt and irreverent toward constitutional law that he will lay waste to this country and its world standing. In short, he will spare no effort in finishing the job of making the United States powerless to defend against Russian aggression. That was always the mission.

And what is your mission? Do you stand with those who destroy your country? Or will you oppose these evil men and women?

You have to vote. You must encourage everyone you know to show up. You must be prepared for interference and intimidating tactics. Organize carpools, charter a bus, stump for Democrats, donate, whatever it takes.

I can hear you; I’ve heard you all along. “Bernie or Bust”. He cannot win. Choose another. Choose wisely, with your intellect, not your mob mentality. Be responsible. Act as if your life depends on what you do next.

Because it does.

US election 2020: Democrats respond to Obama’s warning – BBC News (How The Dems Can Lose)

First things first: I trust President Obama. I also trust President Carter, who’s said similar things. Go too far left, and you will lose votes.

If you doubt them, consider this: progressive ideology demands not what Bernie Sanders calls “justice” but radical changes that no Congress will ever embrace, pass into law or even consider. I don’t like the progressive agenda specifically for this reason; if elected, they will trigger a shift of Democrat’s state level votes away from liberal ideologies toward moderate ones. It’s true: most of the people who favor progressive candidates would be shocked at how little their elected favorite would be able to do.

While the Republican party is looking more corrupt every day, and the time is right for change and some measure of practical reform, wait until someone attempts a substantial paradigm shift. It will never work. Throw some legislation calling for single payer health care into the House, and watch chaos ensue. It may work elsewhere but it will be a disaster here. Or try firearm reform. Not going to make it. You know this and you know exactly why.

Those are just two issues. Think about Warren’s promise to take Wall Street apart. The average person may not even pay attention to Wall Street because they don’t invest; can’t afford to. You know what it takes for a couple to feed and clothe a family of three or four? It ain’t a lot of fun. Add one more child, and someone better be earning at least a hundred grand a year after taxes. And it’s still tight.

These folks don’t want their world shaken up by revolutionary monetary and business reforms. Because in the end, someone has to realize that we do not have a democracy in these United States, it is and has been a plutocracy. No legislation will pass that threatens that, so we have to deal with what we can do, what’s realistic, what’s possible. The best we can hope for is splitting the difference, going moderate. We’ll get a candidate who will not only defeat Trump, but be a force to be reckoned with across both parties. Things will get done. That is what we desperately need.

Last election we heard from folks who derided Sanders as a promiser of “pie in the sky” or what people used to call “pipe dreams”. I’m sorry, but anyone who falls for such promises is no different than those who fell for the lies Trump told. Sanders and Warren are certainly not dishonest or mad as Trump, but they still promise what they ought to know they cannot deliver; and in doing so, are lying to themselves. That is all the makings necessary for a loss to Republicans. Perhaps even Trump. Never underestimate him. We did before. You know what came next. Four more years of him and this country will destroy itself. What would remain is the stuff of nightmares and bad movies. You don’t want that. I don’t want that.

The Republicans are entrenched in the government and are fighting justice. They’ve dishonoured us all. Lives have been lost. The trade deficit is impossible to pay off. Our allies now treat us with suspicion and enmity.

The answer right now is a solid classic blue dog Democrat like Joe Biden, not an extremist so far left that they can’t get the Midwest votes we need to defeat Trump. Let’s keep it real.