Simply Terrifying: The Trump And Barr Partnership Gains Power

He made himself the only person who can decide which democratic candidates can be investigated. He fumed against encryption on private citizen’s electronic devices because “the government can’t see what they’re doing”, and this Washington Post article is full of some really scary stuff. Now I couldn’t, even for money, write a worthy analysis of everything here. Hell, when a dumbass like Trump gets it in his head that the Catholic Church is liberal, I just have to say, I am lost. I used to follow a blogger who had faced a lot of difficulties, but who would sit outside family planning centers and pray for an end to abortion. I stopped reading her blog right then and there. It’s fine to pray. It’s fine to have an opinion. But that was a point when I came to the realization that no one who is against abortion has ever had a realistic view of it. They’re always the ones who castigate women who have the procedure until they are in a situation where they are forced to decide if they’re going to have it done or be burdened with a baby they can’t support, aren’t emotionally able to care for, or which is likely to be fucked up due to conception during a drug treatment or incest, or they became pregnant from a rape. No man can legislate against a situation like that and no woman who hasn’t been there should even say anything about it.

Back to Trump and Barr, I can’t figure out why no one’s stopping them. I knew Trump would grab more power after his acquittal, but I couldn’t have predicted all of this; it’s nuttier than chipmunk shit it’s really happening!

And in case you’re as mystified as I was by the name “Hookers For Jesus”, it’s basically a conservative Christian non-profit organization founded to help victims of human trafficking, sex industry workers who want out of the business and more. All noble, especially help with shelter and addiction. But if Barr and Trump chose this over Catholic charities, I’m sorry, but I’m truly skeptical. Are there former sex workers involved who had contact with Trump, Barr or someone they know? Because it would hardly be a first.

Far more important and scary is the Big Brother approach by Trump and Barr. All of this has seemed so slow to develop, but was designed long ago. Trump was being groomed by Russia at least five years prior to his golden escalator ride. Putin has maneuvered Trump into weakening this country’s government and world standing. It’s been effective, and now, you won’t hear anything else from Russia about elections. Putin is now another dictator for life, like Xi Jinping, and that’s also part of the plan. Now China and Russia, military allies, at least with technology, can do things they couldn’t ten years ago.

Oh, keep watching. Not all day, you know. Gotta walk away sometimes. But it gets more scary from here. And with the recession which is about five years overdue, because that’s how the economy cycles, there’s a huge fall coming. Trump will blame Democrats.

Not a good way to start the weekend, is it? I’m sorry. I really am sorry.

“I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth”

We’ve always, as a species, faced terrible plagues. You can look at any historical data you like, but the stories are all too real. Death stalked humanity with far more than wars and epic volcanoes and seaquakes. The great fire of Lisbon, the horrific ends of Pompeii and Herculaneum, the endless wars fought by the Roman Republic and then the Empire. Subsequent wars that grew in size and destructive power. Plagues we now know have always been around, for some reason withdrawing its forces for a time, only to come back with a renewed thirst for death.

Antibiotic resistance is a threat we know all too well, but while people were focused on that, fungal infections which were once rare but could be successfully treated have made the same adaptation to drug-resistant global threats. One read through this article should send chills to your soul. Death by such an infection is brutal; yet anyone can get it. Lying on an X-ray table, sitting on an ER bed…the simplest of things can kill.

It’s not new. Contact with a contaminated surface in a doctor’s office or hospital always had one at risk for what used to be termed “cross infections”, and there was a saying about hospitals: “go in sick, leave sicker”.

If you almost avoided this post because it’s biblical, I’m sorry. But the prophetic images of Revelation are becoming more and more realistic all the time.

Not being apologetic, I’m still aware that many times in history, people have been rather preoccupied with the Bible’s final book. While it had its detractors, some quite derisive, others left homes, jobs even whole towns to go to specific locations, such as nearby hilltops, to await the Rapture. Boy did they feel dumb when they had to live homeless and beg for their jobs to be given back when nothing happened but a few wolves howled after darkness fell. Cold and hungry, it must have been a humbling experience. Not to mention embarrassing.

I know all of this, used to laugh along with the other spectators. But the cults who committed mass suicide were always sobering and these days, the evangelicals of the far political right are giving even those a run for their posthumous funds. They say and do ridiculous shit, lie and steal and scam and utterly fail to live by any of the guidelines laid out by the Christ they claim to follow. They lead others away too, something regarded by many people to be a sin of extraordinary measure.

If Revelation can look any more like it’s a true vision, you won’t like it. It’s already bad enough that some passages that were once impossible to interpret now make perfect sense due to recent and current events. And the increase in pharmaceutical resistance among fungi and bacteria is one more example.

I’m not a pastor, scholar, theologian or even a college graduate. I’m not here to preach. I’m not an alarmist. I simply write what occurs to me as threats to our country and humanity. If Death has indeed ridden, this will get horrific, at some point, beyond anything known to history. Note that the Four Horsemen appear early in the visions of John; the rest reads like a horror movie. I’m not sure about you, but I’m paying attention.

As for the future, I can’t say much. Christ once said of the end, “Of that day and hour, no one knows, not even I, only the Father in heaven knows”.

That’s encouraging. Know why? Because whether you believe or not, there’s still time to change. To fight the real enemies we have and not each other. To fight the terrors of plagues. Of climate change. There’s time. Time to live, not give up.

There’s still time!

Trump’s Crimes Against Humanity

Caution: this material should be read by mature readers only. It contains graphic and disturbing subject matter and some may find it too upsetting. Proceed with caution, please.

In total, the Trump administration has taken over 5,000 children from parents and guardians at the US-Mexico border and in ICE raids. Most have been lost to their families forever. At the beginning someone told me, “But DNA testing can sort them out.”

It sounded good, hopeful, but the fact is, I knew better, and that was when I only knew the number of missing kids as 500-1000. But I didn’t argue further. I knew that there were more taken than the news reports said, because I knew the nature of the administration. Just the other day, Trump explained something to Republicans in a closed meeting. Upon their leaving, they were told not to question what they had been, essentially, told to think. Not to debate it or discuss it or analyze it. One republican was so insulted that he immediately changed his mind about impeachment.

The killing of Iranians in the drone attack was Trump’s answer to the death of one man. When he asked Pentagon officials what his retaliatory options were, they knew he wanted to draw blood. So they laid several options out, and, thinking he’d never stoop to the drone strike, they included it in order to make the other options look better. They underestimated him, his reactionary nature, his need to show power, and, ultimately, his complete lack of vision. He chose the drone strike.

In response, Iran launched missiles at US facilities in Iraq. It was a warning that they were and are perfectly willing to go the diplomatic route, because it was immediately apparent that the attacks were not harmful. It was also a warning that Iran will not take anything more; they will fight.

As Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau claimed a Boeing 737 was shot down by Iranian missiles but it was an accident, clearer signs that it’s Trump’s fault, and that Trump has no conscience or empathy whatsoever were coming to light: the children of Hispanics crossing the border had been, essentially, kidnapped and falsely imprisoned, ever since his administration began. And it couldn’t have been far behind his stinging loss in several courts when he began to stop Muslims from entering through airports.

The day after the Iranian missiles hit, Trump tried to sound conciliatory in a live statement. It didn’t work; he just had to say “we have big missiles”, because with him, it’s always about size and power. If you’ve heard the jokes about him always bragging about size with everything from guns to missiles being the result of his feelings of inadequacy over his penis size, you can stop laughing now; it’s real.

But he also had to use speech inflection and some writer’s words to convey his own personal power. This, he has done, so often that the words are familiar to everyone on the planet by now. Constant complaining about how he’s been treated worse than any other president but that he’s “done more” is the sign of someone out of touch with reality. Poor beleaguered Donald Trump.

Several things to note here: the political right cries “bogeyman!” every time someone like an actor is accused of child abuse. Tom Hanks has been predicted by some idiot to be arrested soon in connection with the QAnon conspiracy. I’ll admit it; I have not read up on this particular conspiracy theory. But long story short, there’s a group of Illuminati who worships Satan and makes blood sacrifices with children. And what do they base this on? Well, for one, Tom Hanks has starred in at least two films which make one overt and one covert link to child abuse and sacrifice. The film “The Man With One Red Shoe”, “features red shoes which are made from the skin of babies,” Liz Crokin says. She brought up the film “Big” as well, in which Hanks plays a boy in a man’s body, who gets into a sexual relationship.

This is the kind of evil shit the right wing does, especially on the internet. Ann Coulter accused refugees of abusing children. She backed up Milo Yiannopoulos, but he’s right-wing. She never was all that bright anyway, but you see where this is going.

The surveillance camera recording of Jeffrey Epstein’s first suicide attempt is “missing”. Yeah, I’ll bet it is. Epstein was no more a suicide than Jimmy Hoffa was. Epstein knew names and had seen and recorded a whole bunch of horrible shit. All right-wing assholes. Doing god knows what.

It’s the idea that children are a commodity. The mechanic isn’t fully unknown to me; I know at least some of the tricks used to recruit sex slaves. Human trafficking is big business, but no one can say what kind of revenue it nets. Judging by the very nature of it, I’d say, just by money laundering and tax-free earnings, it’s a global giant that rivals at least a few big business endeavors. And the two countries most involved: the Russian Federation and the United States.

The easiest to kidnap are desperate Ukrainian teens, who, for decades following the breakup of the Soviet Union, have been treated horribly by their parents. After a certain age, the teens, most of which are girls, are considered an extra mouth to feed. Sometimes they’re pressured to find work. This leads them straight to the old “modeling agency” trick, and their photoshoots are basically catalog pictures. The youngest bear no markings, but when “bought” they’re branded with small tattoos which indicate who their owner is. I’m not talking sleeves and giant flowers here. It’s always small and in a place that can be hidden until they’re fully nude.

This subject may be disturbing indeed, but it bears mention because there can be no doubt that refugee children – part of the 5,000+ of them from Mexico and points south – have entered that nightmare world. Latin teen girls are highly prized as being “exotic” in “the trade”, and a sudden abundance of them, taken from their parents, is a dream for traffickers. These children and teens will never see their families again. Ever. Most will be given drugs, first to lower anxiety and render them pliant and trainable, but drugs for pain are also given to the ones who will do hardcore or dildo scenes in photo shoots and videos. Things way too big for them are inserted to make sure a man can penetrate them. This applies to preadolescents and teens. Don’t ask me what happens to the infants; no one talks about it. As for the teens? Lifelong drug addiction, disease, early death. Suicide is common. So are automobile accidents because trauma causes dissociation. They’ll also drive while considerably impaired. Overdose deaths are common too, as well as murder, homicides committed by handlers, pimps and owners. Should they be allowed to enter a relationship, that’s another danger. It rarely ends well.

What we’ve done as a country has brought a curse on us all. While the country was shammed by the Mueller investigation for two years, while Trump was entertaining sick people with his sick tweets and visits with Putin, this shit was going on. Sure, we knew about it. But we were lied to the whole time. I heard of protests, but the media stopped covering them or the protestors went home. Olberman declared Trump politically dead and went away. The slob with the baseball cap went on to make deals for films and TV. Jane Fonda keeps getting arrested at the Capitol for protesting climate change. Who’s grieving for the kids? Who’s demanding they be found? Sure, a court order to reunify families has been given. Sure. But 5,000+ children is impossible to locate, much less reunify with family. I’ve told you what some are doing. No way to tell how many. And the political right is not concerned. I’ve never seen a republican yet who gave a damn about those kids. Not one. They, meanwhile, deflect attention by accusing liberals like Tom Hanks of crimes so terrible that the trick works; in the eyes of many, he’s already been proven guilty.

And Jeffrey Epstein’s death? He was silenced for what he knew about the monsters on the right. Any evidence he had locked away is long gone.

And we wonder why the United Nations accused the United States of human rights violations. That’s how far gone we are.

Iraq and Iran

The embassy in Baghdad is a mess. Iran has a large presence in and influence over Iraq. Found out the hard way. I wonder what might have happened if Trump ever listened to his intel briefing in the morning.

The Second Gulf War led us here. On the pretense that Saddam Hussein had been manufacturing weapons of mass destruction, we invaded Iraq in 2003. It shouldn’t have happened. Over 4,000 American soldiers were killed. Arguments are ongoing as to how many Iraqi civilians were killed and accusations of “undercounting” are valid if not exactly possible to prove. I predicted several years into the war that there was no way it could end well. I said that no matter the outcome of the war, our eventual withdrawal would destabilize the entire region. Iran would annex Iraq.

I was wrong, yet in essence, the constant insurgency was a sign I missed that one day, I would prove to be correct to some degree or other.

Well, this has come true. Iran has a very heavy influence now, and if not in politically geographic terms, Iraq is now hostile because of it. It is not ground we can fight for again and win; too many would stand against us. There’s no chance of a coalition, as President Trump is viewed as a villain and a buffoon by every country he’s verbally shit on in his Twitter diplomacy. Saudi Arabia, being great haters of Iran, could go either way because their leadership also sees Trump as incompetent. Smaller countries of the Second Gulf War coalition will balk, and though not in the news yet, will announce neutrality.

Always there are variables; Chaos Theory dictates that we cannot account for all of the possible complications and developments. Not even ten minutes into the future.

Trump ordered an airstrike against Qasem Soleimani, taking him out. While it may appear to be a military and political victory, as Soleimani was a top Iranian official, the opposite is more likely. As Ayatollah Khamenei puts it, “There will be revenge”, and we hardly need to be told so.

Reports by Associated Press have oil prices skyrocketing, and in a few hours we will see what happens to the NYSE.

It will not be pleasant. First, because of the crude prices. Second, because everyone suspects Trump hasn’t the stomach to go to an escalation of hostilities, and third because some fear he might.

What the airstrike has done will be obvious within hours. But Trump has already made enemies of Iran and other countries. He placed sanctions and reversed the Iran agreement brokered by Obama. Then he continued periodic threats. You just don’t do that with Iran.

People, civilians, soldiers, diplomats are in harm’s way. I’m not saying the embassy attack should be ignored. I’m saying it may never have happened at all if not for Trump. Now we face a situation we may not be able to talk our way out of, especially because Trump hates his diplomats doing good work when he wants to be the hero.

You may want to sell some stocks and rethink your portfolio before it’s too late. The trade war with China has already done harm to the economy, but it can get worse. And most news outlets will not tell you so; Fox News is not the only one who constantly praises him for the economy.

I believe we’re in a real mess. We’ll see. What I feared in 2008 has come true.

There’s no evidence Trump’s September 9 ‘no quid pro quo’ conversation with Sondland ever happened — and that could prove far worse for the president – Raw Story

It really doesn’t matter what Trump cooks up or tweets off the cuff. There’s no reason to believe that he should be able to wiggle out of this. Not only that, but John Dean has opined that McConnell’s plans won’t work. He seems to think that Graham “doesn’t have the chops” to play the game.

This comes as speculation is rampant concerning Trump’s interference with military justice. When soldiers mess up the iron sights and scope of a sniper’s weapon because they had seen him dropping civilians, it’s a good indication that the sniper’s ass belongs in Leavenworth. Undermining our military is something expressly forbidden from the Commander in Chief to the most raw recruit. And Putin put him up to it. This behavior has morale so bad that Trump was lucky not to get fragged in Afghanistan. He really flirted with danger that day. Soldiers are better than that; but fragging isn’t impossible in the long run. Ruin morale, insult the troops, betray them, and someone could get hurt. Our military is an elite force in branches, all tasked with upholding the soldier’s oath. That oath is not unlike that which a president takes. But it includes the phrase “…obey the orders of” superior officers and the president of the United States. What’s never happened until now is that the president is a domestic enemy. He has committed so many crimes while in office that being a traitor to the UCMJ and every man and woman in uniform is barely being discussed except by a select few who see the danger it poses to this country. And why did I say Putin steered him to it?

I have no proof; however, so much of what has been done was absolutely in line with Putin’s obvious plan to weaken the democracy and military of the United States. You all know this to be true. We are in dire straits. The light at the end of the tunnel may seem tiny and far away. But it’s there, and you can’t allow yourself to become numb to the crimes and aberrant behavior of Donald Trump.

U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings dies at 68 – Baltimore Sun

This morning we lost a true hero, a patriot and a friend. A man who told us all, “We’re better than this!” when he saw the injustice in the Trump administration’s policies.

Today we are less than we were yesterday. One of my personal heroes and most esteemed political figures of all time, my heart is heavy with our loss of this good, honest, decent, caring gentleman.

Rest in peace, Rep. Elijah Cummings. The world is not as bright without you in it. May your family and your friends be comforted by memories of the many people you helped…and the many more you have inspired.