‘Why aren’t we?’ Trump complains that India is a ‘developing nation’ and America is not – Raw Story

How this man gets more stupid by the day is a matter of national security. He has no concept of what a developing country is and is not. He cut the status of India being a developing nation to stop them exporting duty-free goods. He’s not the slightest bit aware of what seperates us, I suppose because India is a nuclear power. Don’t bother trying to explain history to him. Don’t do briefings that don’t have poster boards with pictures; he’s never liked that. He does not do well reading unless a teleprompter goes very slow and you can distinctly make out that cocaine sniffle. And don’t even get me started on the drug problem anyway: we have a president who wants to ban vaping but himself uses powdered cocaine, Adderall, methamphetamine (crank, crystal, meth) plus the occasional addition of a sleep aid.

Oh, but don’t let it bother you. No one else gives a fuck. Why should you? Impeachment aside, which by the way is being sabotaged by the GOP at this minute, he still has handlers and enablers who cover for him no matter what.

Breaking traditional protocol for Veterans Day was only the latest example of how he exalts himself and pretends to be a dictator.

But he really does act the part, only he’s dumber than every dictator in world history. His doctors either lie or don’t speak. Here is a man eating his way to a massive heart attack or stroke, a man whose mental health presents a clear and present danger to every life in this country and the world. Who knows what country he’ll piss off next, resulting in consequences he will cry about and threaten war, or some such dipshit?

You can watch the impeachment hearing if you wish. My nerves won’t permit it. I’d gobble Klonopin until I went comatose, I tried to watch that shit. But don’t be surprised if things don’t work out. We may be required to take care of this in the election. Are you prepared to do what Congress cannot? Vote the whole crooked GOP clean out of office? This is not about the money, morality, Christian values, or any other thing that keeps you clinging to Trump as if he’s the Messiah. It’s about you survival. Not ten years down the road. Now.


Trump Keeps Saying He’s Never Heard Of A Category Five Hurricane. And Other Nutty Stuff. Is He Really That Stupid?

It’s quite terrifying to have a president say that. Irma, Maria, Michael and now Dorian were cat 5 storms threatening the United States. Dorian is now a cat 4, but before next landfall could regain power.

Twitter isn’t the best strategy or method for Trump to communicate with the American people because my God, he’s a dumbass, and says things his own staff can’t help but read and throw their arms up in total despair.

This is all a bunch of shit, of course, because he doesn’t matter. The people whose lives are in harm’s way are what matters. Oh. Wait. He repeatedly said Alabama was in the path of Dorian. It isn’t, but he tweeted it again after the NWS corrected him.

I’m sorry, but he’s a twat. I’m thinking tertiary syphilis. Yeah. I think that could be.