Just As I Feared

We knew this was coming. What Hitler did, Trump is doing: seizing more power, consolidating it and using it at will.

Our Reichstag fire came during the impeachment of the president, culminating in his acquittal by the Senate. He has become what people thought he was all along minus the impetus to restrict government power in favor of his own.

He will next restrict voter qualifications, targeting the Left. Wait for it. It won’t be long now.

The Mob

I’ve written a bit on the Mafia before. The stories I’ve been told by more than one person who was either in or was harmed by the Five Families never end well. I know of some who made it out and lived to ripe old age, but they usually broke the omerta, the Sicilian codes of silence. They talked and became members of a different group: families in the government witness protection program. A bunch got murdered, and I feel that weight at times; thewy murdered, ordered hits, then got hit. But it is men like this who become extraordinary. He walked away for the woman of his dreams. Every day he had to look over his shoulder. For that one guy with a hand in the pocket of his overcoat, walking with his head down.

He managed his escape. He became a devout Christian, and the video in this link (above) is awe inspiring; his message that we have the chance to resist, fight and win.

‘Impeachment barricade is crumbling’: Trump officials are ignoring his threats and cooperating with House Dems – Raw Story–With Forward

As we watch the inquiry unfold, Trump has forced Hunter Biden to an interview, which was not exactly something he had reservations about but the Biden campaign did as it would essentially be playing Trump’s game. The interview is an opportunity for Warren to attack Joe Biden. Tonight’s debate is that opportunity.

It was no longer in the best interest of anyone involved to remain silent, yet now the can of worms has been formally opened. I believe it was a bad move, and while Hunter Biden is being honest, the media has already shown carefully edited segments that make him appear to be whining. To get the sincerity of the man, you’d have to watch the interview here.

That aside, Trump is looking straight down the barrel of a cannon that is ready to fire. He has done it to himself and there is no quarter to be had. Now, after a uniquely unpopular move to betray the Kurds, footage of the carnage wrought by Turkey has turned sour on Trump. And to make it worse, he’s wavered on sanctions against Turkey. The US forces in the meantime took fire from Turkish bombs, because, of course, with any military deployment, there is equipment. Ammunition and arms. Medics and supplies, other supplies for food, communication, and of course heavy vehicles. You don’t order a withdrawal and have it happen in a day. Clearly, our President has no idea of how the military he commands works. And worse, Trump betrayed a personal promise to the Kurdish leader to protect his town. And Russian forces are ready to replace the position our troops held. Turkey, Iran, Russia, Syria and more are careful to calculate the instability of Trump, but now take the United States as a non-player. And Trump knows nothing of what he has caused.

That’s no surprise; he’s infamous for not being inquisitive, dismissing intelligence briefings or asking for photographs and maps instead of text. He’s a man so unqualified even after almost three years that he is increasingly strained by the pressure he’s under. That pressure showed up last week, as full-blown rage, in two speeches. Speeches in which he swore and cursed and shocked some people with his language.

What everyone seemed to be asking was who had ever heard a president speak that way on the record, in a public forum. It’s a tell, a sign that he’s losing his last shreds of control.

And in the Middle East, we have a cauldron of explosive chemicals being heated over a Halloween-like fire. It is a mixture which cannot be rendered unvolatile. The fire can be allowed to burn down a bit, but that fire has burned for milenia, and it hasn’t been put out yet. Nor can it be now. It’s not a good situation by anyone’s standards. Don’t blame Hunter Biden.

Blame Donald Trump, American Mussolini. A man whose path is beginning to look very bleak.


Trump Keeps Saying He’s Never Heard Of A Category Five Hurricane. And Other Nutty Stuff. Is He Really That Stupid?

It’s quite terrifying to have a president say that. Irma, Maria, Michael and now Dorian were cat 5 storms threatening the United States. Dorian is now a cat 4, but before next landfall could regain power.

Twitter isn’t the best strategy or method for Trump to communicate with the American people because my God, he’s a dumbass, and says things his own staff can’t help but read and throw their arms up in total despair.

This is all a bunch of shit, of course, because he doesn’t matter. The people whose lives are in harm’s way are what matters. Oh. Wait. He repeatedly said Alabama was in the path of Dorian. It isn’t, but he tweeted it again after the NWS corrected him.

I’m sorry, but he’s a twat. I’m thinking tertiary syphilis. Yeah. I think that could be.