Trump Fires Personal Assistant, Insults Puerto Rico, Spares Poland

How one man can cause so much angst has been demonstred all through history, and while Republicans and Al Franken remind us that there have been worse presidents, I say “fuck that” and contend, no declare that Trump is the worst human being ever to park his ass in our White House. And Al, I know you were being funny. This ain’t the time. So go away.

On Thursday it was learned that Trump’s personal assistant, Madeleine Westerhout, had, in an off-the-record meeting with reporters, spilled too much grime on Trump and his family.

And another one bites the dust.

I can’t find anything on the details, exactly what she said, but she’s been stationed at the door to the Oval Office since the Trump regime took over.

Meanwhile, Trump found a Twitter target in Puerto Rico, as the island stood in the way of a hurricane. His tweets were so insulting that he may have bottomed out. The “politicians are either inept or corrupt”, he said, two words he personally defines by simply breathing.

He also wrote that FEMA was ready, and this time people should thank them unlike the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. He also claimed to be the best thing that ever happened (he brought paper towels) to the island and that billions of dollars were “squandered” by the mayor of San Juan. That’s another word he knows, but he had to use Autocorrect to type it. He did change one thing: instead of his trademark “Not good!” He wrote, “No good!”

Personally I think he just forgot the “t” and autocorrect let it go.

In advance of the storm, Trump cancelled a trip to Poland.

And to the people of Poland who are no doubt still partying, I say: I know you are happy that a hurricane is gonna hit and I get it. I bear no malice toward you. Frankly, I can’t fucking blame you. We don’t even want him in our country. How much can we hate you?

Killing Spree: the Weird Summer of 2003

Yeah. I know. Not me, not the guy who gets outraged over gun crimes and the horrible way this country is treating people.

But it’s true.

After being rejected by a woman I really didn’t like that much in the first place (“I couldn’t date anyone who didn’t have a doctorate” she said), I got good and pissed. I was drinking hard at the time, Absolut vodka and my favorite beverage ever, cognac. I couldn’t afford much, so I was limited to half pints after work. I lived a mile away and always threw the empty bottle on the dewey nighttime lawn before I went inside.

As it wrapped its comforting tentacles around and into my brain, the euphoria and the easing of all my worries battled with extreme anger and worry that my future was looking very dark. And of course the witch who probably couldn’t even spell “PhD” was merely a snobby goat who should never have gotten under my skin.

But anger and insult and alcohol. What a mix that shit is.

I boosted a car. Ran the snot out if it. Ran over pedestrians. Hit parked and moving cars. I only bailed when the engine caught fire.

But what a high that was! Tunes from some 80s station blared New Wave and weird stuff that I’d long since forgotten.

And there was no denying, it was fun. I laughed maniacally hearing people scraping the chassis of the car.

Then I got a hold of a pistol. Well. And a club. And between the two of them, I started some real shit. I’d kill people for nothing. Just being where they were when I came along. I’d steal or highjack cars, throw the drivers to the ground and take off.

It would be little time, of course, before the police began to find and chase me.

By then I was already highly skilled and always lost the cruisers and pursuit cars.

Someone else, besides the police, took notice. Offered work. Killing people, pulling heists.

The coppers started sending armed choppers after me. There was no turning back. If I stopped, I would die.

That pissed me off even more because you know, rejection by a snob who probably didn’t even use toilet paper, plus a drinking habit that was so bottomless that anything would do. From Jack Daniels to Captain Morgan spiced rum, anything would do.

I got into trouble one night. The shakes got so bad I couldn’t think of anything else. A friend brought me a fifth of rum. It wasn’t even out of the bag before I had it open and a third of it gone.

Nothing happened. I thought, Okay. Wait for it.

Twenty minutes later still nothing. Half the bottle was empty before I began to feel the tentacular penetration of my sick mind.

Somehow I managed to get an Army uniform. Stole an Apache helicopter. Blew up the airport and so many people that I managed to become the most prolific mass killer in American history.

I was never caught.


Of course, you know, except for the liquor and the rejection, the rest is not true. I’ve never stolen a car. Never shot anyone. Never used a scoped rifle to shoot someone’s head off. Can’t fly.

Because that part was all in a video game: “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City”, and it never motivated me to go forth and kill anyone. But at a time when I needed distraction, I had therapy with a PlayStation 2. I don’t like guns. I don’t drive anymore. And I don’t want to kill anyone. But…

Every time a mass shooting by anyone who’s younger than 30 happens, video games and mental illness get thrown around by people who have no clue what they are talking about. Suddenly experts come out of the shadows like roaches from the woodwork, and they know every fucking thing there is to know about gun crimes and a definite connection to violent videogames.

What a crock of shit.

There’s no connection. There never was. When Grand Theft Auto 3 was released, everyone from outraged parents to reactionary Christian groups warned us that it would be the end of us all. A total breakdown of morality. A disregard for life caused by the lowering of sensitivity. Well you should know that every time in history that something Christians didn’t like–every innovation–like the camera, which of course was used for porn at the earliest possible moment, they shouted from the rooftops, “Repent, the end is nigh!”

Archaeology isn’t immune. An unknown number of frescoes and paintings, tapestries and other art that depicted nudity or sexual acts have been defaced and lost to history. Books have been burned. Now, even videogames.

When are we going to get over ourselves? CoverGirl has a new mascara out called “Exhibitionist”, which is pretty funny, really. Just wait until Christian groups pass out emails with petitions to CoverGirl to change the name. It’s going to be hilarious.

Societies have always faced existential threats, and some are gone forever. We know little except that some breakdown occured. Our theories include lack of water because of river course changes, crop failure and warfare as well as disease.

None of these lost civilizations are thought to have been doomed by leisure activity.


Mass shooters generally don’t play videogames, and those who have are not inspired by them. Mass murder goes way deeper than an interactive cartoon.

Racing games have little to do with actual street racing, which has been around since way before games came out. First person shooter games can’t teach you how to shoot. And MMORPGs don’t influence people to go on quests to fight dragons.

Sure, civility and respect are often forgotten on the headsets, and I’m upset about it but it hasn’t caused mass destruction in a school. There was one dreadful incident where a guy lost a game in a tournament, came back in shooting. I forget the details. But it’s not a typical reaction and the kid was obviously off balance and shouldn’t have ever been near a gun. In fact school shootings and youth shootings as a rule are always done by young people who either got access to a parent’s gun or in some other fashion obtained a firearm illegally. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold should never have been able to get their hands on anything more than BB guns yet they set the bar for grotesque murderous fury unleashed in school. They did play videogames, even wrote code for a crude shooter game which took place in a school. Being kids, I’d feel sorry for them, because they paired up with obviously serious mental health issues, and mental illness is a fucking lonely place, I assure you. But the Columbine Massacre should never have happened and I fear those boys are in a darker and more terrible place now than they ever knew in life.

But how was anyone supposed to stop them? Warning signs were there. But you can’t arrest someone unless they’ve done a crime. After Columbine, sure, if a kid made a threat he was–

Wait a minute.

This is bullshit. Are we psychics who can clearly see every future event? Fuck, no, we’re not. And parents bear the brunt of responsibility and guilt for missing signs and not fucking doing enough, but in the end, all they can do is what we all do: sit by the TV and wait for the news to report the next massacre.

Meanwhile we watch movies like “Deadpool” and “John Wick” or even piss-hard-shitty teen movies like “Cruel Intentions” and eat popcorn by the bucket. What is the fucking difference? Movies are, like videogames, rated. You would not want to take a four-year-old to see a film rated for mature audiences. Same with a video game, right? Doesn’t it happen anyway, though? I mean, haven’t you or someone you know ever bought a violent movie or game for a kid not of the age recommended on the box? How’d that work out? The kid go and get the illegal Ingram submachine gun off the top shelf of your closet and go kill 15 classmates at school?

I thought not.

Because life is not that fucking stupid and simple. Every human being is different. At times too different. At other times, practically the same. We cannot be labeled in small groups or even by race. That’s called bigotry. It’s judging more than one by your opinions and perceptions of one individual or a few. And that’s a far bigger issue than mental illness.

Or is it? Don’t you think, don’t you see, as I do, that white nationalist groups are finally getting the attention they’ve craved, don’t you see that they are being catered to by the president, who knows he needs their votes? One day he denounces them. The next day he’s saying some bizarre shit they eat up. If he has any idea how dangerous they are, he won’t linger on the subject. Instead he has whipped them up and given them power. He’s actually directed his audience to violence. Hillary Clinton was doomed from the start and we didn’t see it. We underestimated the forces of bigotry and evil.

Well don’t we do that with everything? In 1941–before that, actually–our government knew that Imperial Japan was fucking with us as they expanded their empire. We ultimately underestimated them and vowed that it would never happen again. But no matter how much intelligence is gathered, we miss warning signs consistently. Because not everything can be accounted for. Not everything can be seen coming. We had high confidence that a terrorist attack was imminent prior to September 11, 2001. And sure. Men who should have been caught at the gate were breezed on through. But who in the whole country knew what was really about to happen? Come on. Conspiracy theories still abound to this day, and I’m sorry, but it’s all bullshit. If we’d known, it wouldn’t have happened.

You look at the warning signs. Sometimes you see them for what they are. Sometimes you don’t. Of all the things that fall under the rule, the absolute rule, of Chaos Theory, human behavior is at the very top. Bigotry broke the fucking walls after 9/11. Bodega owners were dragged into the streets and beaten. Vandalism and terrorism sent a lot of people back to the countries of their roots. And I’m here to tell you, Muslims were enraged and heartbroken on September 11, 2001. They helped people escape the smoke, gave them water, anything. They’ve been huge donors to relief actions and they are us. Citizens of the United States of America, many born here, some families for generations have called this land home. But look at Donald Trump. Hates every Muslim on Earth. Tried like hell to close airports to their arrival, even citizens. What the hell…

While courts have knocked his dick in the dirt and continue to do so, he focuses more power, more money and more attention to bigoted programs and policies. Hate is the fuel that powers his presidency. He warns about things that won’t happen. Scares people who otherwise would hate him into endorsing shit like putting kids in cages and cells without access to toilets and soap. We know this is so because the government argued in court, twice, that it should not and is not compelled by law to provide children with such luxuries.

What a fucking mess, and people don’t care.

Posturing with Putin may be nothing more than a show. But I’d wager Putin sees it otherwise.

And meanwhile mass shootings continue. We think we’re smart enought to analyze Trump and his shitty inhumane policies, but we know jack shit. Because we think video games kill people. We can see beneath the clouds of Jupiter, but we can’t see human behavior does not often hinge on one factor, one character trait, one experience.

Trump brought up mental illness a couple of times. My fear is that the government will detain anyone with a diagnosis, especially those who disagree with his politics. This happened before mental health care reform.

Mental illness does not automatically make someone a potential mass murderer. You work with people who have it and you’ll never guess who they are. They’re achievers. Hard workers. Critical thinkers. Innovators.

Until we decide to take this problem seriously and talk real gun control reform, just keep watching the news. For the next time.

I know people like Alex Jones like to believe Sandy Hook was faked. I hope you don’t believe nutters like him. Because it happened. And if it happens again, it’s on us. All of us.


It’s been a couple of weeks now. See, when I come across a story I know I need to read, but can’t handle it at the time, I stick it to my home screen and wait for the right moment. Sometimes it leads me to other things through links or other stories on the site. This is one of those times. Originally I thought to read about the NEO (near Earth object) that will pass us tomorrow (28 August), a body the size of the Great Pyramid. Those are of serious interest to me because with every near miss, the chances of a direct hit increase. This is not what I’m writing about today.

A few weeks ago, a Russian missile exploded during testing, and we all know this by now. And the technology they were testing should cause us all some pretty deep anxiety. A nuclear powered missile with an unlimited downrange distance, tipped with a nuclear warhead? That’s a serious threat. That….is a nightmare wrapped up in the nuclear nightmare we have lived in all our lives.

When the explosion hit the news, however, there was one man who just had to make the whole thing worse.


Donald Trump. He did it.

In one tweet he managed to (1) posture the United States as already being ahead of Russia in such technology, thereby possibly revealing military secrets and something for Russian spies and hackers to go looking for, and (2) employing his trademark fifth grade-level mentality and mind: “Not good!”

Which, if anyone doesn’t know by now, proved long ago that he is a knee-jerk tweeter, has been since he opened his account. He babbles shit that should never come from any president’s mouth and he types shit that no president should ever type, and every time manages to show his ineptitude, incompetence, childish temper and ignorance about everything a president should know.

He’s dishonorable and he’s stupid and greedy. But much worse is, he’s a traitor to this country. Everyone with a brain should have hated him the night he said on live TV, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you can find those missing emails (Clinton’s)”.

But that didn’t happen; the backlash was so weak that the American people in essence gave their consent to Russian skullduggery. How pathetic are we?

The Mueller investigation has me befuddled. At first, because he said he had not cleared Trump, I was with him. Now I realize he’s a fraud and wasted a lot of time going after background players.

Immediately following the conclusion of the investigation, when everyone was holding their breath to see if Trump was going down, Rod Rosenstein shoved his nose so far up Barr’s ass that if Barr farted, Rosenstein would have been instantly killed.

But why? Why has a commentary in the New York Times concluded that the Mueller investigation was a sham?

This is a question we must find the answer to. And it gives me the suspicion that I hate most of all, a conspiracy theory. God, I hate those. Like the one about chemtrails. Turns out, a small part of that was true. Not like the nutters online say, but the government really did spray biological agents over populations to trace their spread. The agent was harmless except to those exceptionally susceptible, but the point is, weird shit really does go on. MK Ultra was fucking real. The Gulf of Tonkin really happened. What the hell, you know?

Here’s my point. Trump’s still in office despite pleas by scores of people to impeach the asshole.

He may well be reelected unless fair balloting can be assured, and it can’t, and democrats get their shit together, which they won’t. The candidates refuse to make climate change an issue. They want to take shots at each other, and if legitimately so, then that’s what debates are for, but most of the shit they’re pulling is crap. Posturing, fighting, insulting and skirting issues that have this country in extreme danger. Now: is this deliberate?

Because while Mueller was distracting us, giving us false hope, and Trump was doing incredible, insane shit, and children were lost forever in border states, while we were, in fact, looking the other way, someone kept Trump insulated. Why? It wasn’t because he knew government and politics. It wasn’t because he’s smart or a good statesman. It sure as hell had nothing to do with his family, one daughter of which is the biggest prima donna since Ayn Rand.

So why? Early on, it seemed republicans were not backing Trump at all. They went on TV and said he was off the reservation. And then it all changed.

It is possible….and this is just what came to me with time and a lot of thinking….that someone is taking power under the radar. Control of the country. Political and fiscal power has been wielded and the results are what you see.

I won’t use any conspiracy theory-favorites like the NWO or the Illuminati, (save for the title), but something has been going on while we were lied to and gaslit for years. Again, let me say that I do not want to believe such a thing. But the political right, ever going further right, can do it. I keep coming back to several things. The first is that Mitch McConnel blocked Obama’s pick for the supreme court, an utterly unspeakable power play.

Then there’s this:

Russian President Putin visits China, Day 2

Obama was furious. He knew about Russian hacking long before it made the news. This iconic photograph shows who is the stronger of the two and Putin did not like it. He was caught. Sanctions were placed. Putin, being the evil son of a bitch he is, would never let it go without taking revenge. By this point Putin was already deep into a conspiracy with republicans, and this is established fact, no matter what Robert Mueller and his fucking report say.

Donald Trump pandered to and solicited help from Putin. That’s fact, too. Then he has to measure dicks with the man again by saying we have better technology when we certainly do not. And the sources for this come from within the military, who are not betraying their oaths but living up to them by warning us that this was a reckless, dangerous thing to do.

Whoever is behind any possible power play, Trump serves as a distraction and a puppet. He cannot be fully controlled of course, because he’s a childish nut who would rather get a time out than listen to the teacher.

Something is happening. Something none of us are going to like, not even Trump fans. If he is elected, again, those making this move to consolidate control would have plenty of time to finish the job.

Ain’t This A Bitch?

I’ve heard it all. At least, I have now. A Lee County, North Carolina deputy has been fired for refusing to train a female, which he says would be sinful, as it would appear that he spent too much time with a woman not his wife.

I get it. Religious freedom is a good thing. I’m a Christian, I express views, but I refuse to preach because I am singularly unqualified to do so. There is much I remain confused about, and besides, others don’t need me to do that. Most people know the story of Christ, and it’s up to them whether they believe or don’t believe. It’s up to them whether they are Islamic, Bhuddist, Shinto, or Judaists. I for one believe God knew what he was doing when he gave us the freedom of choice, and besides, who am I to say otherwise? While we’re watching an increasingly hatefull stream of rhetoric come from the White House, it is critical that assholes like myself remember that not all Republicans like or agree with Donald Trump. Not all Republicans are evil, nor are all Muslims, or Christians, no matter what the press pushes on us about generalized groups of civilians. We have been divided and it will get worse. Democrats demonize all Republicans, Christians demonize all Muslims, and on it goes.

Hey, I get it. I really do. Personal feelings always get in the way, inflexible beliefs and especially fears threaten lives, and we’re waist deep in the Big Muddy, you dig?

But this – this I cannot understand. This is a case of insubordination on the job based on something so sexist that it makes me want to puke. The Reverend Billy Graham was well respected and beloved by scores of people. Some of his writings and sermons are still worthy of consuming. But nowhere in the Gospels did I read where Jesus warned his Apostles never to spend time alone with a woman when it became necessary to help them. It’s not there. And Christ’s New Covenant made some of the Torah laws obsolete. Those…were fairly harsh, if you ask me. I find it hard to believe that God decreed certain things contained in the Pentateuch. Kill a fellow man because he accidentally caught a glimpse of a sister in a wardrobe malfunction? Kill the sister, too? No. I’m not going for it.

Here we have a case of what I call a consequence of “rape culture” because what’s really going on here? Is this truly a big religous deal? Or does this man, like so many others, not trust himself around a woman, because working closely with her will cause him to get weak and be tempted to try to seduce her? Because the Billy Graham Rule doesn’t make any sense. And the fact that Vice President Mike Pence, whose own sexuality remains suspect, practices this rule does not impress me at all. He claims to have been converted from the edge of homosexuality. Now he goes almost nowhere without his wife. Sounds like a confused and possibly predacious jerkoff to me. Impeachers want Trump out. I ask if we would really be better off with Pence. Both men are nutters and both predators or past predators at least in suspicious situations.

Sorry. That deputy needed to be fired, and his former employers have every right to forward his reason for being let go to prospective employers. That is not illegal; it is how businesses have always been. It doesn’t consitute discrimination. Any law officer refusing to perform his or her duty under reasonable conditions cannot be trusted in emergency situations. Suppose he wound up on a call where a woman was alone, and her boyfriend had just beaten the shit out of her and left to go get a couple more drafts at the corner bar? Is he afraid that people will accuse him of rape or seduction of the victim?

Bullshit. Get real, people. He deserves nothing and should get nothing. Insubordination for any reason is grounds for dismissal from any job. If you don’t like it, stay home and lie about job prospects and collect unemployment, or hang out at the corner drug store panhandling. I don’t much care which.

All Hands On Deck! How Hippies Can Still Save The World

It is our sunset. So many of us have already gone. What remains are a core group of hippies who grew up during Vietnam; some still old enough to have fought it or to have protested, some too young to have gotten draft notices. The latter are still strong in numbers, whether in or just on the edge of our sixties. And there are more of us than you know.

Forget counterfeit hippies, those young people who dress down and make YouTube videos where they sit in a circle around tree stumps and weep for dead trees. They see part, but not the whole. We should be an example to them because we do see the whole. In fact, we should be an example to everyone, but we have neutralized ourselves by watching television and writing emails to senators who will never read them. Come on. That’s pathetic to the Nth degree. We do have obstacles which are beyond our control. We’ve been on the workforce so long that our backs and our legs don’t allow us all free movement, much less travel. The world depends on how we get around those obstacles. To go into public and protest in numbers that cannot be ignored, that was always, and still is, our responsibility. It is the price we pay for failure in the past, and now, for still seeing the whole picture. Those who see must act, and emails and calls to voicemail boxes do not count. We need what we always did best: the organized chaos of the public protest; blocking monuments, making speeches, firing up the People. It won’t take long to recruit people, especially young ones, to our call to honor.

Because honor may not be something you think about when you talk about hippies. But without us, the Vietnam War may have gone on much longer. Together with people who were parents and widows of the killed and the maimed and the missing, and with others still, our protests and refusal to take anymore caused Nixon enough distress that he concluded what Johnson could not: that the war was only endangering his presidency. As POWs arrived back on home ground, there was much joy, but our job was not over. Our brothers and sisters kept on going, fighting alongside the activists for civil rights, women’s rights and an end to the corruption in the Nixon administration. With the Washington Post articles exposing unimaginable and grotesque details from the White House, hippies never stopped.

They didn’t stop being a social and political force until around 1975. With the fall of Saigon, the strange case of Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance, and the birth pangs of disco, the world awoke one day to a surrealism which engulfed the country and allowed a lethargy and malaise to set in.

That’s the shorthand. There are many details still to be explored, but we never left.

Our country, and now the world, is in imminent peril. Donald Trump is the most, without doubt, corrupt president we have ever had. He is a coward, a bully and he is drunk with power. He is full of himself, unaware that inside, he is full of nothing. He has no common sense. He has no ability to reason. He is unstable. You all know this to be true. And yet, our Congress has failed us. He defies House subpoenas and claims executive privilege. He has us on the brink of a war that will make Vietnam look like a minor school yard fight. Hundreds of thousands if not millions are going to die if this war is engaged.

The economy is not as strong as the news tells you it is. We stand on the edge of a disaster. We…do not need this. Nor do we deserve it.

It is time for peaceful civil unrest and disobedience on a scale never tried before. That is our greatest weapon outside of the voting booth.

And I’m not talking about division here; we all, conservatives and liberals and moderates, have the obligation to show the leaders who continue to fail us what a true American really is: someone from any walk of life, race, religion, whatever – who believes in the goals and ideology of our founding fathers, who want to improve it, take it to the next level and help the world and ourselves.

Join together, or watch all that you love and honor be lost, taken away on the orders of men who are dishonorable, dishonest and irredeemable.

Get your freak flags out. Whether it’s an old denim jacket, bell bottoms, mirrored sunglasses, growing your hair long. Break out the freedom rock music and the folk songs of the 60s, and let’s begin a mission to Washington and everywhere else oppression has surfaced. One last fight. For your country. For your family. For the world.