Just As I Feared

We knew this was coming. What Hitler did, Trump is doing: seizing more power, consolidating it and using it at will.

Our Reichstag fire came during the impeachment of the president, culminating in his acquittal by the Senate. He has become what people thought he was all along minus the impetus to restrict government power in favor of his own.

He will next restrict voter qualifications, targeting the Left. Wait for it. It won’t be long now.

Who The Hell Was Naive Enough To Believe Our Senate Was Fair? Or That It was “Ours” At All?


I’ll be honest with you. I did not bother to read the above article. I’m not at the level of dumb it would require. I’m sorry. I’m not trying to throw shade on anyone who hoped impeachment was going to work.

Except, I am throwing shade, because everyone should have known better.

I’m not saying that we should all have seen everything that’s happened coming; no one predicted all of this. I was closer than I’m comfortable with, but I’ve also made clear that some things are going to happen which have yet to come true. Those things I still see on the horizon; unfortunately, and I hate saying it, things get worse from here.

Mitch McConnell is as evil a man as has ever served as an elected official. Lindsey Graham is his milquetoast twin, with the wit of a dead mouse and the personality of an overcooked noodle. He’s teased us before; going along at times with John McCain, but once McCain was gone, he turned himself out as a liar of the highest order.

It’s wrong to concentrate on those two, as they have bullied, promised and gaslighted their fellow GOP senators into little more than a crime family. It’s no secret that power and the imperative to keep it and gain more is their prime motivation. It’s hard to say just how many of them know what an imbecile Donald Trump really is, but to them, it is of no consequence; what matters is that the GOP not lose what power it holds. Therefore, no one should have been living under the delusion that Trump would be impeached by the Senate. They’re never, were never, going to do it.

What people forget, and it mystifies me how, is the sheer might of those whom the GOP answer to. This is no conspiracy theory; the Koch brothers and ALEC, among others under their umbrella, have stuffed unknown funds into republican campaigns for so long that we’ve been living not under a democratic government, but a plutocracy. None of this should be news to you. None of it should shock or turn you away in disbelief; it’s been in the open. And you have to ask yourself what goes on behind closed doors, considering what’s not hidden.

One thing that emerged in the very first days of the Trump campaign was the overt use of divisional tactics. That brought out scum like David Duke who latched on as some sort of bizarre camp follower. Hate groups hurried to endorse Trump, and it took a lot of public pressure to get him to disavow their support. He made a weak statement to that effect but it was absurdly insincere and only made everything worse. Then it turned into Russiagate, but later, it was discovered that Trump had been watched and groomed as a Russian asset since he married his first wife. One reason he resists releasing tax records is that he could never cover up all the dirty money coming to him from sources set up by Russia. Laundering, embezzlement, it’s all so difficult to hide.

Russia wasn’t alone. Funds to Trump’s bottomless wallet came from the Middle East and China as well. This is cash he still owes. I was tempted for a time to believe he was going to default on everything because, what do you expect from a man who can’t make his bowels move unless he’s on a gilded commode?

But there’s something much worse, more powerful than what we know. Russia and China recently made an agreement to share military technology. Hell, that’s enough to make any American move their bowels no mater what, over a hole in the ground or a stuck commode.

And it is the overt unwillingness of the Gop-controlled Senate to turn on Trump that tells us all what to expect. And some of their agenda is apparent, some already being used. Voter suppression is under way with hundreds of thousands of people being denied the right to vote. They’re legitimate voters, too. Russian tactical operations are apparent on social media and in every Trump speech. Gaslighting by way of false headlines such as “Pentagon Worried About US Troops Increasingly Pro-Russian” are meant not merely to mislead, but to demoralize troops and civilians alike, to induce hopelessness. So as to make voter turnout among Democrats and Independents low enough to ensure wins for the GOP and Trump.

It’s working. On social media and elsewhere I see infighting and a wide gap between Democratic backers of various candidates. Just like 2015-16, but worse, if you can grasp such a thing.

On the near-future agenda of the Republicans, we have a move to disqualify millions from the Social Security Act, and more. Targets considered top priority are the disabled, elderly and children. Of course, you remember how Trump revoked healthcare from children within his first months in office, while people were focused on travel and entry restrictions for Muslims. It’s been that way ever since: divert public attention with a controversial action while taking away the rights of others to the basic needs to live.

This one I have heard before. And republican voters are singing its praises. Not aware, of course, that their parents and grandparents will die. Not realizing that it goes beyond murder; it’s genocide. Not realizing that what will happen is a full uprising that could lead to civil war.

Meanwhile, a madman, provoked by another madman, sits in North Korea, promising the United States a “Christmas present”, implying a nuclear strike. This is, of course, terrorism, but no comfort or reassurance comes out of Washington; our president sits in his bedroom tweeting utter hatred for Americans he’s made up special nicknames for, and insulting children who want to save the future for humanity. Of course, being so dense has its price; Greta Thunberg kicked him in the scrotum immediately and with panache.

We’re in for more of the same, but bolder, more evil than before. Henceforth, once the Senate disposes of the impeachment, the GOPs power will be consolidated. Trump will be as one unbridled, so full of anger, contempt and irreverent toward constitutional law that he will lay waste to this country and its world standing. In short, he will spare no effort in finishing the job of making the United States powerless to defend against Russian aggression. That was always the mission.

And what is your mission? Do you stand with those who destroy your country? Or will you oppose these evil men and women?

You have to vote. You must encourage everyone you know to show up. You must be prepared for interference and intimidating tactics. Organize carpools, charter a bus, stump for Democrats, donate, whatever it takes.

I can hear you; I’ve heard you all along. “Bernie or Bust”. He cannot win. Choose another. Choose wisely, with your intellect, not your mob mentality. Be responsible. Act as if your life depends on what you do next.

Because it does.