You Have Been Cordially Invited To A Revolution

This bullshit is why it is stupid to ignore Trump, McConnell and every dirty thing they and their cohorts do. Look. This is is not a power grab by the Democrats, nor the entire federal government, and is being executed by a lineup of Republicans and Russians. Along, I am sure, with others willing to sell their souls.

But selling your soul isn’t such a big deal, is it? I mean, how many people really and truly believe in souls these days? Can’t be many. I mean, I either know atheists, or extremists on the right including Baptists, Catholics, and worst of all, evangelicals. I’ve no problem with atheists; they have the right to choose what they believe. Those whom I call friends are more behaved like I think Christians should be. Some are, and they aren’t friends at all, belligerent and evil, every bit as much as the right-wing cabals of “Christians”. By word and action, they demonstrate a disregard for the gospels and instead adhere to a doctrine of hate. How can they not see their own evil?

The extreme right doesn’t care about justice, freedom, or even what’s true. They do not think for themselves. They watch Fox News and they’re willingly brainwashed. They were against the impeachment. They’ve overlooked every lie, every stupid act, everything that will affect this country and everyone’s freedom, health and safety for decades to come.

Mitch McConnell is the most evil man in Washington next to Trump. He’s obstructed the workings of a proper system of checks and balances for years. He’s rich beyond your dreams or mine and could easily have retired. But he’s under orders. ALEC, The Koch empire, and more pay the Republicans and the occasional Democrat to work in their favor. They don’t see this as the endgame it is. Having environmental regulations withdrawn benefits no one, but they see it as allowing them to increase production. Soon, the skies will be as they were in the 70s. Water from your tap will make you sick unless it goes on to kill you. You’ll pay higher taxes, higher retail prices, and get less. A dollar won’t buy you a cup of coffee now; soon it will be much like pennies are now. A pain in the ass.

Movement, as in travel, will soon be restricted to an unbelievable degree. You saw that Trump excluded New Yorkers from a travel program to save money. I don’t know the details, but one thing was clear: it was revenge.

He fires everyone who disagrees with him. Those who testified are persona non grata. He’s threatened the lives of more than a few people, has definitely put surveillance on others, has put members of the FBI in fear of one another and of Russian interference in this election. We’ve seen suspicious activity already and if you’ve had over 50 friends on Facebook since the last election, go through the list. How many names do you suddenly not recognize? They change. Block them. The propaganda is ramping up so fast it’s disorienting.

Yes, I know that you’ve heard comparisons between Trump and Hitler. Well, like Hitler, Trump craves more control. Like Hitler, he’s easily offended and vengeful to the extreme, and like Hitler, he’s an idiot. A moron. A dunce. The mentality that causes people to praise him is not that complex, as it was not in 1930s Germany. The people were angry, felt disregarded and society had sunk to dark pleasures and crime. Along came Hitler, and he was straight-laced about sex. He’s suspected of shooting or having someone shoot his niece, because he’d been in a sexual relationship with her. A rather kinky one. That would have ruined him. He appeared to be for reform, law and order, and enough people were conservative enough to follow his every word. They knew he was stupid, but they became so inflamed by his speeches that they bought it.

With Trump’s Senate acquittal, he is getting revenge and consolidating his power. How so many in office are frightened of him is a question that begs answer; any republican that speaks against him usually never talks to the press again. Or they’re much more stifled or restrained. The media is not much better, sometimes making me suspicious that all the pressure Trump has put on them has been, with some reporters and news outlets, effective.

Imagine how horrible life in a second Trump administration would be. Imagine the things he will do. Imagine him and McConnell doing what they do best. No healthcare, no social security, no disability, no VA care or benefits, the invariable reversal of Roe v. Wade, curfews, police brutality, travel checkpoints, neighbors reporting you for crimes just to save themselves regardless of their paranoia being borne of hysteria. Imagine republican voters falling into homelessness because they believed lies. What would happen?

In some places, racial violence and anarchy. That would stop when it became known both sides were shot or imprisoned.

No, what would happen is one of two things. First, we, like so many Germans in World War Two, would follow him to our own ruin. I think not.

We’re Americans. We do not share the history that Germany had. We hate liars, we hate being swindled, we hate freedom being taken away. We hate people fucking with our government to oppress the people. Trump is not Hitler only; he is King George with bad hair. And if we did not put up with George, how much less do you think we’ll take from Trump?

What we’re talking about here is revolution. And we don’t want that. It will be, if it happens, forced upon us. Make no mistake: every oppressor eventually meets his doom, always of his own making. It takes time, but it always happens. Eventually the Russian Federation will fall as well. What happens next depends on an overwhelming turnout by voters willing to oust Trump and his criminal regime. It depends on making sure that you haven’t been removed from voter status. And if we fail, the young will eventually fight what the government turns into. If it happens sooner, remember, Americans don’t eat shit. And when forced to decide, will gladly go into battle against all enemies, foreign and domestic. It won’t be on us.

It is Donald Trump’s invitation to a revolution, and he’s already given just cause.

The people of the United States can’t take much more. He’s going to kill millions if he succeeds in taking away social security and health care.

Remember: I am not advocating a rebellion. I’m simply predicting it.