How to Spot a Text Message Scam

The above article has everything you need to know. Email scams have become less successful, so to keep the trade going, they’ve moved to text SMS messages on Android and iPhone. Read this carefully and don’t let the easy-to-follow explanations fool you. These scams, like all others before them, are not merely a nuisance; they can be as damaging as all the scams in your spam filter on your email account. I never look at spam messages, I just empty the file. This is different and has caught people off guard, and it’s a shame. If you see a text message from anyone you don’t know, immediately block the number and delete the message.

If you get one from your bank or wireless provider, or Verizon, delete it. They generally never carry out business through SMS. No one outside of your contacts should be texting you. There’s a link in the article that walks you through adding protection for your mobile device. Remember, prevention is the best cure.

With so many things going on, so many things taking priority in our minds these days, it’s easy to be distracted enough to absently click a link without paying attention to the message. My suggestion is extra protection plus holding off on viewing all messages until you’ve rested and are calm. Be safe.

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