Robert Mueller: Gelding

What the hell is going on here? After all the hard work he and his team have done, the phone is dead. No one will pick up anyway; when asked by officials on Capitol Hill why Mueller won’t testify, the answer was “politics”.

Just what does that mean?

Come on, what the living hell does that mean?

Let’s make some really complicated details simple.

First, Mueller released his report. The immediate response from Trump’s Twitter-enabled, record-setting stream of diarrhea, going since at least 2013, was “No collusion!” And “Total and complete exoneration!”

Then comes word from someone that the report doesn’t say that. We’re told there’s no evidence that Trump knew about or ordered interference in the election. Which nobody in their right mind should believe. But we’re also told that there was no evidence that Trump had not obstructed justice.

So then the report is at first withheld. Then issued with redactions, and I’m convinced Barr wanted to redact more, but was trying not to make it look too obvious.

Last, Trump has his staff refuse to give the full report even to the investigative committee. Which has every right to have it unedited.

The legal reason is that Trump wants irrefutable evidence that it will be used to draft legislation.

And what kind of legislation, you ask, but the answer is bullshit. Nonsense that is really a delay tactic to give him time to finish entrenching himself. And for his cohorts to do the same.

There is now less than a year to go until the first primary. There’s been no knowledge of true substance brought out regarding how and what Russia did in 2016.

Without every piece of information Congress cannot enact any safeguards. We know Russia will interfere, they never stopped. Social media has grown worse, databases are hacked, and obviously Americans are willing to work with Russians because that’s never stopped either. From double agents to men turned by Russian wives, to the scores of the compromised, it’s always happened.

Whatever the fuck Rod Rosenstein did that made him glowingly praise Bill Barr, well, I counted him as having thrown his credibility into the shitter. Nobody should trust Barr. But Rosenstein? I trusted him. If the situation were any different, I’d be fine.

But I’ve learned, since 2016, that however paranoid I was and no matter how cynical, it wasn’t enough.

And people are fine with this shit. There are websites all over the place that are dedicated to the wildest conspiracy theories you can imagine. And they constantly ignore or challenge science or even audio visual evidence to make their views seem possible to others. And yet, here is a real conspiracy so huge that far too few even see it for the danger it poses to this country and everyone in it. Jesus what stupid morons.

Actor Jeff Daniels was interviewed on MSNBC. He’s got it. He knows what deep shit we’re in. Look it up on YouTube: Jeff Daniels MSNBC. Yes. He’s an actor. But would you prefer to listen to a scrote like Ted Nugent? He’s a former singer who obviously damaged his brain with some serious drugs.

Look. This is a conspiracy to take our country apart. The attack of the far right against immigrants, healthcare, labor unions, free speech, women’s rights, gun control, Islam, social security and Medicare, all social programs, education, foreign trade…and democracy itself…is real. It’s not brewing, it’s happening. When they’re finished there will be war. Famine. Homelessness not ever seen on the scale that’s coming. Millions of dead from gun crime, poverty, disease and battle. You don’t believe that. I know. Because no one wants to believe that level of horror. But the foundation is laid.

Who will step forward? Who knows things Congress can use to save us?

Not Robert Mueller.

And while I wish this were a conspiracy theory, no one has come forth with a single word to make me believe otherwise: Mueller has been gelded. Did they surveil his family and friends, then show him that they can easily die of “natural causes”? Or traffic accidents?

What have they done to turn him into a goddamn eunuch like this?

We need someone who’s a real patriot to step up and give information. We need the truth. All of it. And we need it right now.

If by this point you aren’t afraid, you need to wake up. Because we are in the eleventh hour.


Larry Inman: A Symptom Of A Plague

Don’t be fooled by the indictments handed down in the case of Michigan Republican Larry Inman. It’s not just a bribery case. It’s not a mere hiccup that incidentally happens from time to time with politicians. This is much more, part of something like you’d read in a Tom Clancy novel, but worse.

Inman has been indicted for bribery, lying to an FBI agent and attempted extortion. That’s all very serious, and I’m not trying to take away from that. A state representative can’t just do these things. It’s more re than unethical and criminal. It’s a sign of the growing cancer that is the Republican party itself. The charges involve three felonies with some serious prison time. He’s maintaining his innocence and has refused bipartisan calls for his resignation. That’s not going to work out well for him because there are text messages he sent to the union which represents Michigan carpenters and millwrights. The union never answered the messages, according to every article I’ve read, even though the language Inman uses suggests he had previously talked money with someone. For instance he said that five Gs wouldn’t cut it and if (they) wanted a “no” vote on the bill, they better have their people “max it”. Now that doesn’t implicate the union in a crime; it rather suggests they’d gone to the representative with concerns, which is what representatives are there for. But Inman was incredibly dense, making the same texts into demands for campaign funds. And then he lied to a fed about it. How dumb is this guy?

Besides, even if he’d been paid, he probably would not have voted nay on the bill. Eventually the bill to repeal the law, which required contractors to pay union dues while working on union jobs, was passed. Inman voted “yes”. There was an appeal by the union which failed.

The GOP has, since at least the Nixon era, steadily increased its efforts to bust unions. This has already worked, notably when Reagan fired striking air traffic controllers. He had no desire to press for a resolution. He was within his right to fire over eleven thousand workers, and he banned them from government work for life. Technically it was not legal for the ATC union to strike at all. They even ignored a return to work order. That sealed their fate but also set full enmity between unions and the GOP in concrete. More recently the teeth of unions in Wisconsin and Ohio have been pulled. It’s a war.

The bigger problem here, however is something that spells doom for this country’s government and this country as we know it.

Because Inman was so blatant…so brazen….he has just become another symptom of the GOP’s attack on the system of law and order, checks and balances, of democracy itself.

In a statement, the Michigan Democratic Party had this to say:

“(Inman) is accused of violating the trust of his constituents, the oath of his office, and the law, but his actions, if true, show a deeply troubling pattern of Republican disdain for the working people of our state. This is a stark reminder that elections have consequences.”

But it is more indicative of the Republican’s disdain Nationwide for the rights and welfare of every citizen. Mitch McConnell is a demon with no regard for protocol or even the Constitution. The advisors surrounding Trump know jack shit about foreign policy or relations. When a dunce like Donald Trump gets scared, something is very wrong. Trump feels his National Security Advisors and others are pushing him toward war with Iran. Ignoring the fact that backing out of the Iran Nuclear deal caused this, he’s worried that war with Iran could endanger his reelection chances because he promised to reign in foreign involvement, leaning toward isolation. He’s not worried about casualties. He’s worried it’ll make him look bad. Meanwhile he’s embroiled in new evidence that his lawyers did in fact attempt to obstruct justice. In the Russian investigation.

He’s facing mounting pressure to produce financial records. He’s spying on the American people. He’s raised tariffs on Chinese goods. Cut tariffs on Turkish goods. It’s chaos. Nothing makes sense. The impression is that the White House is without direction or competent leadership. That impression is correct.

Delta Airlines vs. Joe Hill

I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night
Alive as you or me
Says I, But Joe, you’re ten years dead
I never died, says he
I never died, says he

In Salt Lake, Joe, says I to him
Him standing by my bed
They framed you on a murder charge
Says Joe, But I ain’t dead
Says Joe, But I ain’t dead

The copper bosses killed you, Joe
They shot you, Joe, says I
Takes more than guns to kill a man
Says Joe, I didn’t die
Says Joe, I didn’t die

And standing there as big as life
And smiling with his eyes
Joe says, What they forgot to kill
Went on to organize
Went on to organize

Joe Hill ain’t dead, he says to me
Joe Hill ain’t never died
Where working men are out on strike
Joe Hill is at their side
Joe Hill is at their side

From San Diego up to Maine
In every mine and mill
Where workers strike and organize
Says he, You’ll find Joe Hill
Says he, You’ll find Joe Hill

I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night
Alive as you or me
Says I, But Joe, you’re ten years dead
I never died, says he
I never died, says he

–folk song

Joe Hill wasn’t his real name but that’s the name we know him by. He is considered the major pioneer of the modern labor union. He was executed for suspicion of murder. There’s always been doubt that he was guilty.

Today there are few who even know of him.

But in Ohio and Wisconsin, where Repubicans have basically outlawed labor unions by making collective bargaining toothless, ask a teacher who Joe Hill was. They’ll tell you that Joe Hill is finally dead.

As proof, Delta Airlines is campaigning to keep employees from unions. They’re circulating posters with a picture of a PlayStation controller. In bold letters it says “Union Dues Cost $700 A Year.”

In smaller print it reads, “A new videogame console and a bunch of hits, sounds like fun.”

I’ve seen some bullshit in my time. I’ve never seen anything so stupid, manipulative and insulting aimed at workers before.

Telling your employees that they should play videogames in lieu of unionizing for their rights as workers is so condescending I can’t believe it happened.

But it has.

This is what it has come to. The working middle class is all but gone, and this is another blow. If the Delta workforce opts for PS 4s, and there is a fair chance they will, the end of labor unions is nearer. Worker’s rights and safety is being attacked.

What we need…is Joe Hill.

Smile, You’re On Israeli Surveillance

What’s App. Hacked. The attack program calls your device. It doesn’t matter if you pick up or dismiss. A program downloads anyway. The call is deleted from your log. Now someone with the Israeli Surveillance detail is watching you via your camera and listening through your mic.

What’s App is part of the Zuckerberg empire. So this comes as no shock. We don’t know how long it has been exploited. Admin says it discovered the exploitation. It says there is a fix; just update the app.

But how are we to know? Their targets are anyone from politicians to home bloggers critical of Israel.

This is unforgivable. It should not have happened. While Pompeo and Khameni swear there will be no war, the lies and espionage coming to light are staggering. There is no guarantee that the app update will really fix the exploited flaw. Zuckerberg has not been anything if not two-faced, and there is no cause to believe anything he says. Tape over both of your camera lenses, cover your mic, or turn off your mobile device when not using it and not expecting calls.

There’s a BBC article that confirms gulf countries have abandoned Iran for Israel.

If that doesn’t smell right to you, you’re not being a cynic. You’re simply realistic and you know Arab-Israeli history. And you should get rid of What’s App. Watch your six.

Opening Pandora’s Box

The timing could not be more suspect. It happened in March. That’s convenient. You’ll see why.

For anyone who may not know, and I was one of them, there’s a group of scientists that go by the name JASON. No one really knows why, so the only real guess is that it is a reference to Jason of Argonaut fame, star of some interesting films if you’re not familiar with the myth in print. I mean, who reads books, right?

The group is comprised of theoretical and nuclear physicists, chemists, biologists, oceanographers, mathematicians and more. They gathered every summer for think-tank sessions in order to give advice to the Pentagon.

They got their walking papers in March, and were going to be out of funds by the end of April. And by coincidence, guess what? Early May saw the strike group including USS Abraham Lincoln move at speed to the Suez Canal.

Of course, the timing makes bells ring, but there’s a lot of things going on at once. The combination of talent means Trump would have been about a month away from hearing advice on climate change, which he has refused to accept, already having caused an unknown amount of damage.

But the Jasons were attached more or less to the Pentagon, and by extension, DoD, and, until 2002, DARPA. The group was funded by Mitre Corporation, a not-for-profit organization. Funding for the Jasons was ordered cut off, so Mitre is no longer affiliated with the group. That’s worrisome since Mitre is involved in national security, Homeland Defense, IRS and foreign affairs groups. Since the Department of Defense is an executive extension, it means the Executive Branch ordered the group cut off.

If Donald Trump and his minions wanted to provoke war with Iran, then shedding every competent advisor or advisory committee members is essential. Since he was sworn in, he has been doing so. Why in the world would you hire a disturbed man like Ben Carson for any government post? Because he’s incompetent, of course. That’s but one example. Sarah Sanders can tell lies all day and not stutter or break a sweat.

Trump has vowed to put 120,000 troops on the ground if Iran attacks. That makes everything better, right? Because no nukes would ever be used in a theater of operations where we have soldiers.

Keep thinking that. Things are not as you’re being told, and as far as I can tell, the press are complicit. I would not have known about the Jasons had I not stumbled onto an NPR article. I’ve heard nothing about them elsewhere in the news. Yet it should be a major story.

Perhaps it is, in part, a consequence of the anonymity most members prefer to keep. But looking back on the group’s work, that’s revealing.

Because in recent years they have given advice that an update to the nuclear arsenal is unnecessary. It has provided information on climate change, acid rain and cyber security, a growing threat to defense.

When you get rid of people who know their areas of speciality well, when you dismiss them of a sudden, it is telling. It means you’re listening to the wrong people, and you’re doing it willingly.

God help us; we’re in trouble. Pandora’s box has just been opened.

Why Is Darlene Taylor Being Protected After Ridiculous Speech?

She really did it, and I’ve seen the video on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. He showed a clip of Taylor “quoting” a six-week-old fetus during hearings leading up to the vote on Georgia’s egregious anti-abortion law, which has passed but will likely lead to the Supreme Court among other cases, like the bill in Ohio which is not printed on paper but compressed, dried sheets of bovine excrement.

Well, I wanted to find her speech so I could feature it in this post. I searched Google. There wasn’t so much as an article that even mentions Taylor’s bizarre speech. I tried YouTube, a part of Google, which also should have shown up in a Google search under “videos”, but again, no results. In fact a search on YouTube itself got me Taylor Swift videos along with older vids from Darlene Taylor.

But Darlene Taylor’s speech is so blatantly manipulative yet silly that it should have gone viral.

This makes me suspicious; how many times have I entered keywords and not found anything directly related to my search? It used to happen often, but that was in the ’90s. I should have gotten the video or an article at the top of the list. Nothing.

It seems as if she’s being protected, shielded if you will. Because Taylor, a republican, went way over the top as she asked, “Who will speak for the fetus? Today, I will,” and proceeded to quote a non-existent fetus as saying it had rights.

The bill specifies that a pregnancy may not be terminated after a heartbeat is detected. This may occur at, according to the bill, six weeks into a pregnancy, and most women would not know that early that they are pregnant at all, and the thing to remember here is, that criteria effectively bans all abortions.

Except for incestuous pregnancies, or those caused by rape. But then only if a police report has been filed. That’s a horror; it automatically excludes women who don’t report rapes because they feel shame, embarrassment and fear, and are traumatized and don’t want further trauma during a court case. They also fear retribution should their attacker be freed. To survive a rape presents a woman with life changing and nightmarish conditions; it is a natural defense to want to keep it to themselves. Even the most innocent know they live in a culture that does not favor them in the aftermath of rape. A large percentage of rapes therefore go unreported. Those victims would be ineligible to have abortions, because not many can know in that moment or the days that immediately follow whether they’re pregnant. And if you’re thinking this is bad, consider the law Alabama wants to pass. It would ban all abortion for every stage of pregnancy with no consideration for incest or rape. Any doctor found violating the law could spend decades in prison.

It’s being argued that laws like these will never make the Supreme Court. It’s being argued that these laws are so harsh that lower courts will stop them. It’s being said that even with a right-heavy Supreme Court, Roe v. Wade is in no danger.

My advice is, don’t believe it. This is a strategy. It’s purpose is to put voters on flat feet, surrounded by a false sense of security, then strike with a bill less outlandish with more deceptive wording.

If you want that given validity, look at Georgia’s bill, the one which prompted Darlene Taylor to speak for a fetus as if she were reading a Little Golden Book to a room of preschoolers. It says that the fetus has the right to child support and tax breaks.

Wait. Tax breaks?

That makes no sense. No, don’t tell me it does. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Don’t take this subject lightly. Don’t be a shithead alpha male. Don’t be a subscriber to republican women who probably have had abortions or have children who’ve had abortions.

Remember that abortion is evil to a republican until they need one, then…it’s really okay.

Do not be caught sleeping.

You knew during the 2016 election campaigns that this was going to happen when Carly Fiorina lied about seeing a video from a Planned Parenthood clinic in which a live newborn was on a table kicking its legs while someone can be heard saying, “We have to save the brain.”

During a debate in early 2016, Fiorina claimed to have seen it. The response was immediate; Planned Parenthood called her on it while The Washington Post debunked the video as non-existent, and other videos as being faked or deceptively edited.

When conservatives, men and women, use abortion as a political platform plank, something is wrong. First, the women are selling out other women in a lower economic group. Second, they’re pandering to the Catholic Church and evangelicals. It’s more about money and political backing than morality. I beg you to see this for the evil it is. Women have rights that are being routinely violated or challenged, ruining lives.

The Repubicans told us this was coming. How much are you willing to take? How much betrayal are you going to stand for?

Because women like Darlene Taylor are not going away.

Alyssa Milano: Here’s To You!

The actress tweeted her call for other women to join her in a sex strike. This seems to be a quite emotional and righteous reaction to Georgia becoming the latest of four States in less than a year to ban abortion in the first trimester.

I hope millions will join her. I hope all sexually active women regardless of age will stop and think, and hopefully come to the realization that there is and always has been a war against women in this country. They still aren’t on equal ground with men, no matter what you think. Not wage equality, not with respect in public or the workplace, and not when it comes to crime.

The 1973 Roe v. Wade decision is currently safe but it won’t last. As various conservative-majority states ban abortion past a ridiculous 4-6 weeks, it will wind up back in the Supreme Court.

Bastards. Men love their porn, objectification, beating women…in Red States. Oh, I’ve seen it. I’ve seen all of it.

Alyssa’s reaction is the right one. Children born who will go on to live fucked-up lives? Why in the current world state would anyone think that makes sense? What gets me is, children born because a bunch of hypocrites decided to decree abortion immoral are the very ones who will suffer most. But everyone knows that. They choose simply to lie about it.

Women of America, Alyssa Milano, here’s to you. Fight back or suffer. Please fight.